2017: A Powerful Passage for Humanity

This first month of 2017 offers us a powerful passage for the awakening of Humanity.

New platforms for accelerated awakening and alignment with higher, lighter frequencies and ascension oriented timelines of reality are forming into more solid, actual physical experiences.  These accelerated timelines will overwrite and dissolve the lower frequencies and energies and replace them with more desirable experiences of love, peace, union and harmony.

As has been the case, the old platforms of greed, dominance, manipulation and control will continue to collapse and an ever accelerating rate and the full and complete disclosure of higher truths will continue to be revealed to all those who are willing and open to receive.

We are being steered toward the directions that serve the greater good and away from the directions that simply suck, drain and/or deplete.

Focus your attention on those higher vibrational experiences you choose more of.  Those experiences which no longer serve your greater good will become more and more unbearable.

If it is painful, if it is unpleasant, if it is harmful, it will become more and more intolerable with greater and greater intensity.

It is helpful to remember that the density can shift out of your experience very rapidly…release and let go in love…

The more open we are to expand these new possibilities of love and unity for all, the more ease and grace the collective will experience throughout this truly transformational phase.

Remember to hold the energetic space of love and light as much as you are able to, and provide a firm foundational bridge for others to cross into higher, lighter realms of consciousness.

As with previous years, 2017 will provide many potent energetic influxes of light to continue to accelerate and amplify our consciousness, awaken our Lightbody and our inner Crystaline body as well as activate our physical and non physical DNA.

The old realities will continue to phase out, the new realities will anchor in.  As vibrations and realities shift, the higher experiences will call you to align with them…

This process is essentially shifting and aligning each of us with the highest vibrational trajectory available to us, both individually and collectively.  In many cases, we will literally be blocked from lower level experiences and trajectories.

Welcome this as a gift and seek higher levels of consciousness ~ as we seek a visionary perspective, we align ourselves with our highest truth and knowing.

Below is some simple coaching and support to help you through the upcoming year as the light influxes continue to amplify:

  • Avoid becoming distracted by the ongoing hoop-la, busy-ness and re-enactments of the 3D reality in the mass media, including the continuing lies and manipulations and enforced brainwashing of the mass consciousness via the mainstream ‘news’ channels.
  • Remain focused on the higher experiences and continually request and command the highest and best circumstances, situations, outcomes for ALL, particularly as the old systems continue to collapse.
  • Spend as much quiet reflection time as you possibly can. Converse with your higher self. Ask for gentle, loving guidance and request for more peace, love and consciousness.
  • Meditate at least once a (or more) a few times a day. Even brief moments of deep belly breaths allow pure light to enter the body, relaxing and recoding your consciousness to higher levels of love and light.
  • Participate in group healing calls and Sacred Energy Healing circles which will greatly assist your DNA to re-pattern and realign with your soul’s highest and best journey and which will accelerate your frequency and vibration to align with higher light codes as you receive light encoded activations.
  • Walk barefoot and sit barefoot on Mother Earth whenever possible. Nature is your greatest healer and activator. The SUN of GOD IS your friend. Any and all belief systems that the SUN burns and/or is harmful to your health is simply programming of the mind MUST be cleared from your consciousness. (It is a false manipulation from the lower experience.)
  • Focus breath work on the heart center to awaken and activate more of your heart center and dormant potential.
  • Drink lots of pure, healthy water and bless it as you do. Provide blessings for ALL of the waters of all of Mother Earth~Gaia whenever you drink, bathe or swim. Also include blessings for all the earth, plants and animals (including the human variety of animal).
  • Get out and move the body ~ dance, swim, walk, hike, stretch, practice Tai Chi or Chi Gong, go to yoga class ~ whatever YOUR BODY loves to do, let it move and ENJOY its physical earthly existence. We are meant to keep our bodies; they is meant to ascend with us..therefore, our bodies must be in peak health for the maximum benefits of the Ascension experience.
  • Aligned with this, you may choose to do some kind of cleanse or fast as you feel guided. Choose higher vibrational foods which are all natural and grown from the earth with zero artificial ingredients. Eliminate unnatural, toxic chemicals from your food sources and from those of your animal companions. Choose organic – chemicals are only part of the lower experience and will not support the body vehicle in the Ascension process.
  • Get the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual coaching, support and assistance you may need from others. Remember: we are stronger as a tribe and in our unity.  We are meant to need and support one another and to rely upon one another during this most auspicious Shift of Consciousness.
  • Stay focused on this Divine Intention: I AM Divine Source incarnate. Source and I are ONE. I AM Consciousness. I AM Love. I AM Peace.  ALL is well in my world.
Lori Spagna