What Can I Do To Help Animals on a Global Scale?

We all want a more kind, benevolent and caring and where all animals (including the human variety) are more peaceful and harmonious however, many of us just aren’t sure how we can make a difference, and we often feel powerless to make change for the better, or too limited in terms of time, energy and/or money.

Making change with the use of our inner power via our mind and our heart centered emotions, which comprise our intention and our energy is actually one of the fastest and likely the most effective way to make change for the better and though few people actually understand how to do this, it is extremely simple, fast, free and almost effortless.

Indeed, it begins within each of us choosing, desiring and intending within our minds to change and affect our outter reality for the better.

So here is a faboulous practice anyone can do on their own, anywhere, anytime, and it will actually have a significant affect, particularly if practiced on an ongoing and regular basis, even if for only a few minutes every day.

Find a quiet place where you can sit without interruption for at least ten or fifteen minutes.

Choose some appealing still point to focus on (a favorite symbol of any kind is fabulous, or else something as simple as a blade of grass or a candle flame) or else just close your eyes if you are able to.

Begin to breath deep belly breaths in through your nose and down your breathing apparatus. Notice, feel and follow the breath as it goes in through your nose and down into your belly.

As you breathe deeply and calmly, begin to identify the breath as love, rather than as oxygen, in other words, let the breath that you inhale actually be love. Breath in love into your trillions of cells and exhale whatever is bothering you or any heaviness, stress or anxiety.

On the exhale, choose to release all thoughts, feelings, emotions or whatever might come up – just allow them in, acknowledge them and accept them, whatever they are, and then exhale them out, and then once again, inhale some more love.

After only a few moments, you will notice how you already feel lighter and more relaxed.

As you continue breathing, alllow yourself to focus on someone or something or even a memory of an experience where you were truly happy and fulfilled. Ideally, this experience can be connected to an animal – and one where you and the animal were happy and joyful and you both felt loved and accepted.

You might also choose to focus on animals of the planet as a whole collective in general or a particular species or subgroup of animals – just be sure to stay focused entirely on love and joy and happiness with respect to the animals, as you breathe.

Continue the breathing as you focus on this.

As you breathe, intend with your mind (you can even state it out loud) that all animals of planet earth be treated with kindness, respect, honor, compassion, dignity, humanity and sentience.

Use the words, ‘I intend that all animlas on planet earth be treated with kindness, respect, honor, diginity, compassion, humanity and sentience. I intend for there to be peace and harmony and benevolence for all animals on planet earth.

Afirm this repeatedly with each breath.

As you continue to this process, you can also focus the breathwork on your heart center too, since it is a major energy center for love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, peace and harmony.

Allow yourself to also feel lots of gratitude and to express gratitude by saying ‘Thank you that this is so’ outloud.

You can also invite in animals into you mind who you know or have known personally as you continue this process, again, repeating the gratitude for their health, happiness and well being.

Just keep in mind that in this particular practice, it is important to always focus on the positive experiences with animals (including the human variety), so we can create more of those kinds of experience on planet earth.

Believe it or not, ten to fifteen minutes a day of this kind of practice will actually as you in healing yourself and your animal friends too – plus it will really help support all animals globally, because you are working with energy, intention and consciousness.

Try it and see for yourself!!

I also highly recommend that you join me for Sacred Energy Activations & Healing Transmissions for People and Pets too – I host these every other month via tele-summit – these circles are truly powerful and profound ways to receive potent energy healing for ourselves and all animals and they also are incredibly affordable.

Please do not underestimate the incredible power of this process to make real, effective and truly transformational change for the better – this is energy – the same energy that Albert Einstein taught us about and the same energy that is at the root cause of our issues and the same energy that has the power to change reality for the better.

Transformation of humanity’s issues is a process, not a pill. Without question, it is every ‘normal, everyday, average person’ like you and me who make the difference in this world to create a better future for all of humanity.

Lori Spagna