What to Do BEFORE YOU or YOUR Pet Get Sick, So That You and Your Pet Do NOT Get Sick

Perhaps about 10-25 times every week, I receive inquires from different people whose pets have gotten sick for various reasons. In a frantic and chaotic desire to do everything for their beloved companion, these well meaning humans are looking for some kind of immediate and miraculous cure and they are typically almost begging me for a solution to their problems…and what’s more, they want it within one hour or less to heal an illness that took years and years (and sometimes lifetimes!) to develop in the first place.

I can’t tell you how much this kind of thing pushes my internal buttons like nobodies’ business.

Energy healing is not a pill. It is something we must do on a frequent and regular basis to get to the fundamental, root core issues which contribute to and are the underlying causal factors which create the illness in the first place – both ours and our animal companions.


In the spiritual and metaphysical community, we know that everything is some kind of energy. All energy begins with The Creator. You are the Creator of YOUR Life and YOUR Realty. Your mind is creation in action. Therefore, ALL illness stems from within the mind.

Our Animal Companions Share Our Energy Field

Our animal companions share our environment and therefore share our energy field. What originates in our mind, flows into and through our environment and creates our experience. Our animals receive and reflect that energy

FACT: Our Animals Express What We Suppress

I also cannot tell you how many of the same people who have come to me looking for help with their animal companions don’t actually follow through with energy healing – they instead end up at the vet paying thousands of dollars on expensive surgeries (often unnecessary), veterinary prescriptions and and low grade, crappy pet food diets disguised as health remedies. Energy healing sessions are cheap, fast, fun and extremely effective….and significantly less unpleasant than vet visits.

Energy Healing is PREVENTION Medicine

Energy Healing for you and your beloved animal companions is extremely effective at addressing and resolving the issues which cause illness in the first place….including the issues which western, mainstream, allopathic medicine does not even address.

Energy Healing Brings the Physical Body Into Homeostasis

Through effective energy healing, we are working with the thoughts, the mind, the feelings and the emotions, the physical body, the light body, the plasma body and the entire energy field of each individual to bring all of that in union and harmony, which creates and maintains homeostasis, ie, your ideal and purrrrrrfect state of health and well being.

Lori Spagna