Manifestation Made Easy - Kindle ebook

Manifestation Made Easy

Manifestation Made Easy“I’ve read books before on this topic but have never seen one quite as useful as this one….This will be great to keep in my library for future reference.” -Dawn Calvert

“A comprehensive playbook to guide you to a place where you know what to want to manifest, how to set clear intentions, how to control your thoughts, how to let your feelings surface and how to practice emotional control and visualisation. … This is, as the title implies, manifestation made easy.” -Nightingale

Enhance your creativity and prospects for success.

In Manifestation Made Easy you will discover:

  • How to decide what to manifest (wealth, love, health, etc.),
  • The best way to set powerful, clear intentions,
  • Exercises to help you control your thoughts and increase your manifesting power,
  • How to enhance your emotional control,
  • Highly effective visualization techniques,
  • The power of affirmations (when used correctly), and
  • Much more!

Written by acclaimed animal communicator, healer and intuitive, Lori Spagna, this book is sure to enhance your manifestation abilities, whether you’re just starting out or are already a manifesting wizard. If you’re interested in manifesting money, love, health or anything else, this book will help you reach your goals.

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