Animals in the Afterlife

Exploring the Death and Dying Process of
Our Animal Companions

And Connecting with Those Who Have Crossed
and Healing During the Grieving Process
of Pet Loss and Pet Grief

Are you interested in knowing what happens to your animal companions after they pass on?

Do you want to know that your beloved animals (as well as other family members, even of the human species) are safe and happy even though they no longer have a physical body?  Do you wonder where they are and what happened to them? Would you like to understand more about the death and dying process and also about connecting with them after they have crossed over?

Our animal companions have so much to teach us about what happens before, during and after the dying process.  They are the most magnificent teachers, healers, guides and guardians for all humans.

This course is for you if you are an animal lover of any kind, and/or if you are employed or volunteering as a:

  • Rescue worker
  • Veterinarian or Vet Tech or Vet Assistant
  • Dog Trainer or Behaviorist
  • Pet Sitter or Walker
  • Pet Store Owner
  • Zoo or aquarium worker or animal attendant of any kind
  • Rancher or Farmer
  • Alternative Healing Practitioner
  • Spiritual Counselor of Any Kind

Explore the deep and intimate relationships we share with all animals, including humans, even after they have crossed over and continue to live in the non physical realm.

As an animal parent, guardian, animal services provider or alternative healing practitioner, are you:

  • Dealing with hard choices related to end of life decisions for animal companions who you live and/or work with?
  • Confused over what choices to make either before, during or after the death and dying process?
  • Grieving over the painful and often traumatic loss of an animal companion?
  • Feeling numb, sad, hopeless, lonely or despaired after the loss of a beloved animal companion?
  • Devastated by the circumstances and/or the choices surrounding the loss?
  • Dealing with the overwhelming guilt, shame, judgement or blame related to the death and dying process?
  • In search of some solace, understanding and support during the grieving process?
  • Wondering how to assist your friends, family members, loved one and clients through their grieving process?
  • Struggling with your role of being a primary decision maker in dealing with the burden of life and death choices?
  • Overwhelmed with the deep desire to provide relief and solace to others who are confronted with issues related to the death, dying and grieving process and wanting a more spiritually evolved way to address these fundamental issues?

Broaden and enhance your relationship to and your connection with the non physical realm where consciousness always exists, and where all of our loved ones continue to live, even after they have left the physical body.

In this informative, enlightening and healing course, you will:

  • Find assistance and healing during the grieving process and learn the lessons of healing, recovery and acceptance
  • Receive relief, support and solace as you shift to new, more compassionate perspectives
  • Understand the death and dying process and the concept of separation for all animals, including the human variety
  • Learn what happens during the actual crossing, letting them go and knowing how to assist them during this process
  • Examine animal and human souls, sacred contracts and pet soul agreements and purpose
  • Discover what happens after the crossing process
  • Learn to recognize signs from ‘the other side’
  • Explore ideas of reuniting and reincarnation, as well as the concepts of same soul reunions, not only for animals, but also for humans
  • Learn tools for coping and assisting others to cope and adjust
  • Improve your overall comfort level in dealing with the issues of death and dying, as well as the grief process

Allow yourself to receive and experience the gifts, blessings, love and joy of higher learning and expanded awareness that our loved ones are ready, willing and able to share with us after they have moved on to the non physical state of reality.

You will also learn about:

  • Animal Angels, Messengers, Guides and Guardians
  • Resolving Issues around Guilt, Shame, Judgement and Blame
  • Grieving, Releasing and Letting Go
  • Alters and Memorials and The Honoring Process

Experience the deeply profound states of being that only connecting with our loved ones who have crossed over can truly provide us.

In addition, for those of you involved in the death and dying process with the clients and/or animals you live and work with, this course will allow you to:

  • Help your clients, friends and family and patients understand, accept and deal with the death, dying and grieving process with more ease and grace
  • Resolve issues around the traumas and dramas of decisions involving euthanasia
  • Understand and accept the divine timing and the sacred contracts involved with the death and dying process

Feel, sense and experience the deep sense of peace, love and joy which is available to us via our loved ones and animals from the non physical realm.

Our animal companions have so much to teach us about the process of death and dying, especially those who have crossed over ~ they have tremendous compassion for us when we go through the grieving process after being separated from our loved ones. More than anything, they teach us that they really never leave us, and there is no separation. During this powerful workshop, we will come to know this fully and to experience the oneness of our connection with our loved ones who have crossed.

Radically transform your perspective of death and dying and awaken to a higher truth and knowing which can only come when we connect with our animal companions and loved one who have crossed over and who can share with us the vast wisdom and love which is available to us from the other side.

This Home Study Course Includes The Following:

  • 6 Week Tele-Seminar, Previously Recorded LIVE with Lori and Students.  Each class is approximately 90 minutes in length
  • 2 LIVE Interactive Training & Support Q&A Coaching Calls with Lori
  • Bonus Energy Healing Call
  • Lori’s Best Selling, Original eBook entitled, ‘Animals in the Afterlife’
  • Bonus mp3 class entitled, ‘Surviving Pet Loss and Turning the Grief into A Gift’, valued at an additional $75
  • Bonus mp3 class entitled, ‘Animal Totems: Discovering Your Animal Totems and Guides’, valued at an additional $75
  • All Handouts and Course Materials, including Class Agendas and Practice Information

Learning how to effectively connect with animals (and humans) who have crossed WILL enormously assist animal lovers, trainers, behaviorists, veterinarians, pet store owners, rescue workers, groomers, walkers and anyone else involved in the pet loving and animal service community to better understand and serve the animals they work with and live with as well as the people in our world.

It is time to radically change the way we interact with all animals on this planet, and our animal companions are here to teach us how.

This eight week on line training program happens only once each year.  Currently, registration is closed.  Enter your name and email address below to learn more about the program and when our next enrollment period begins.  You will also receive periodic gifted classes, materials and information relevant to Animals in The Afterlife.


Lori Spagna