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A two way dialogue with all animals is not only possible, it is scientifically valid.

Learn Animal Communication and Telepathy is geared for anyone who wants to communicate and better understand their pets and other animals and also for those would would like to better understand how to practice telepathy with other living beings.

This Learn Animal Communication & Telepathy Workbook and Journal is geared for anyone who wants to further develop and engage in animal communication and telepathy and to actually have a two-way dialogue with any animal, and also to better understand their pets and other animals. It will also assist those who would would like to better understand how to practice telepathy with other living beings.

How Psychic Are YOU? is an easy-to-follow road map for psychic development and enhancing your ESP. In this book, you will discover: The factual, scientific evidence for psychic abilities and how you can access and develop your abilities, as well as how to awaken your intuition.

How Psychic Are YOU? 7 Simple Steps to Unlocking YOUR Psychic Intuitive Gifts Playbook and Journal provides fun, simple, easy-to-follow practice exercises for you to access, develop and strengthen your psychic intuitive gifts, talents and abilities and enhance your ESP.

In this Playbook and Journal, you will have access to many of the same practice exercises you would learn during a full weekend workshop so you can finally access and develop your abilities, as well as how to awaken your intuition.

In Animals in the Afterlife: Surviving Pet Loss and Turning Grief into a Gift, you will discover: What happens to our animal companions just before, during and after they cross over, the nature of an animal’s soul, the death and dying process from an animal’s perspective, what happens to animals (including humans) after they cross over and where your pet’s soul goes after death. You will also learn how animals function as our teachers and guides, during our lives together both in the physical world and in the afterlife as well as the Sacred Contracts and Agreements we make with our beloved animal companions.

Pets want real food too! In this ground breaking book, Lori clearly explains the ideal diets for your most beloved animal companions and demystifies what your pets can and cannot eat in the world of superfoods.

You will learn exactly how to break through all the conflicting and confusing information about what and how to feed your pet, plus you will receive actual links to the leading holistic veterinary experts, recipes and superfood websites so you don’t have to do all the searching.

If you are interested in: manifestation, manifesting, actualization, alchemy, intention, co-creation, visualization techniques, affirmations, creativity, visualization, subliminal mindset, and using the process of conscious, deliberate creation to have and experience more health, wealth, money, abundance, prosperity, success, peace, happiness, joy and love, then you will want to check out this book!

This Manifestation Made Easy Journal for Success and Workbook expands on everything learned and discussed in Manifestation Made Easy ebook.

By practicing and applying the tools, techniques and exercises in this Journal for Success and Workbook, you will expand on your abilities and talents to truly Manifest Like A Master!

In this 100+ page ebook you will uncover and discover the wisdom and the Union of the Spiritual/Metaphysical in harmony with the scientifically valid and real tools for lasting success for your financial freedom.

This ebook includes powerful teachings, techniques and processes to clear away limitations and blocks and drastically improve YOUR prosperity, money, abundance and wealth.

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