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Private Sessions

If you are looking for a private session, please know that at this time private sessions are generally held by invitation only.  On occasion, I will make space in my schedule for those who are serious about doing private session work with me, which means that they are ready, willing and able to take appropriate action and that they have the fair energy exchange required for truly, exceptional transformational work for themselves and their animals.  If this is you, by all means, please visit the page below to schedule a private session:


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Transformational Experiences for People and Animals via Sacred Membership

If you are looking to have a profound transformational experience for you and your pets with accelerated awakening, as well as more training and enlightenment, consider joining our Sacred Membership Group:


Ascension Support, Intuition, Animal Communication and Energy Healing

For understanding, clarity and support of every aspect of the Ascension, Awakening and Enlightenment Process, plus ongoing, affordable support, guidance, healing and assistance for people and animals, please do check our live events page for all the details about upcoming live events:


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