Dark Arts Training and Psychic Self Defense

Dark Arts Training and Psychic Self Defense

Via Tele-Seminar
9 Week Home Study Course
1 Bonus Week of Live Energy Healing

We are living in a reality of overlapping realities, where the collective group consciousness is being actively deceived by the outer reality and the people in the highest levels of power.

On planet Earth, people are taught to trust in a outside authorities, groups and organizations (medical and educational institutions, false governments, illegal and corrupted legal systems including ‘democracy’, falsified banking institutions, propaganda promoting mass media, etc.) and while they are being taught this, they are being completely and totally deceived, lied to and manipulated.

In addition, to keep people in an endless negative cycle, humans are taught to blame other people, places, institutions and situations for our misfortune and unhappiness.

As humans engage in the blame game, they get trapped in an endless vicim-victimizer game where other outside situations, circumstances, scenarios and people have the power and control.

This perpetuates an endless negative cycle which ultimately only yields more and more suffering, disempowerment, pain, illness, lack, poverty, hopelessness and despair.

Unfortunately, due to the Laws of The Universe, this becomes a never ending cycle until we learn how to deal with the shadow aspects of the Human condition and life on earth.

This is Dark Arts Training, and yes, it is very esoteric.  It is also the work of the Lightworker, Starseed, Wayshower, Change Agent, Wanderer, and The Guardian and Indigo Races.

This course is about taking the shadow aspects (both physical and non physical) of reality and transmuting them into the light so they become null and void.

This course is about liberating yourself from the dark, negative, shadow aspects of separation and the perils of unconsciousness.

This course is about complete and total freedom from fear of every kind.

It is about elevating your consciousness, your vibration and your energy to lift yourself and others out of the densities of the physical world and becoming a multi-dimensional being who is able to easily and gracefully shift between dimensions without feeling and/or experiencing any pain or suffering, and simultaneously, being able to assist others around us to find the light and align with the life of love, peace, harmony and one-ness for all.

During this course, you will learn:

  • How to command and own your energetic space
  • How to navigate the shadow aspects of others who (either consciously or unconsciously) seek to control, dominate, manipulate, coerce and/or threaten you in anyway, shape or form
  • How to be free from energy vampires and vampiric energies of every kind and now to successfully navigate them when you come into contact with them
  • How to clear entities and demonic types of energies
  • How to use and apply the Law of Conscious Intent and Free Will Consent
  • How to liberate yourself from the controlling forces who seek to minimize you and keep you stuck in an old paradigm of unconsciousness
  • How to clear and remove implants, seals and blocks and other harmful devices in yourself and others
  • How to become free from and impervious to the dark forces, imposter spirits, psychic attacks, malevolent beings, mind control, chem trails, harmful scalar waves, mind control, negative alien agendas, etc.
  • How to become truly sovereign and free in body, mind, heart, soul and energy (and not just the illusion of it)

You know if this course is for you if you have ever experienced:

  • Being pushed or forced or coerced, typically through some kind of suffering or painful experience,
  • Having some awareness of entity attachments or alien implants and/or blocks
  • Having people around you who have derailed your Spiritual awakening and/or your personal and spiritual growth; many times, these people are every day nay-sayers and energy drains on your happiness and fulfillment
  • Having repetitive thoughts and emotions that you feel you cannot control, ie, mental looping, obsessive compulsive thinking, addictive emotions and/or behaviors
  • Having unexplained illnesses or diseases which cannot be identified by modern science,
  • Having ongoing, unpredictable experiences that drain your vitality and deplete your life force
  • Experiencing repeat nightmares
  • Experiencing a series of betrayals from so called loved ones or even from your relationship to The Divine Creator which completely damage your trust
  • Being totally dismantled by losing loved ones, family and friends, experiencing deaths of loved ones (including animal companions), loss of a job, a home, all materialistic possessions, a lifestyle, potentially all at once
  • Experiencing some kind of ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ that was perhaps the most painful period of time, beyond explanation, in your entire life; experiencing a complete upheaval of your life

As a result of taking this course, you will:

  • Find greater freedom, ease and grace in all areas of your life
  • Rise above the heaviness, dross, chaos and disillusion of the physical reality
  • Understand how to navigate the lower dimensional realities with benevolence and in a loving way, without fear or anxiety of any kind
  • Feel more trust, safety and security within yourself and in your connection with The Divine
  • Feel and experience more confidence and courage in all of your relationships and personal interactions
  • Be free from and liberated from the dark forces and negative alien agendas, et. al
  • Live your life as truly liberated, sovereign and free
  • Feel more happiness and joy areas of your life

Please join us today for this empowering, enlightening and truly liberating tele-course.

This nine week on line training program happens only once or twice each year.  Currently, registration is closed.  Enter your name and email address below to learn more about the program and when our next enrollment period begins.  You will also receive periodic gifted classes, materials and relevant information.

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Lori Spagna