Exiting The Matrix

Dismantling and Disentangling from the 3rd Dimensional Reality
and FULLY Anchoring in the 5th Dimensional Reality

8 Week Tele-Seminar Webinar
1 Bonus Week of LIVE Energy Healing
9 Consecutive Tuesdays
Begins Tuesday, September 19th
4pm PT/5pm MT/6pm CT/7pm ET

Planet Earth and all of Humanity is undergoing an extremely intense time of transformation, transition, transmutation known as Ascension.

This arduous, never before experienced, awakening process is taking us all into a brand new reality which includes a new physical space in the Galaxy and with respect to The Universe.

It is taking us as a global collective deep into the depths of our own psyche and way beyond the limits of our own human intelligence.

Both individually and collectively, we are exploring who we are as a human race, a planetary body and as individual beings.

Explore Realms Beyond Our Current Physical Reality

We are exploring and evaluating our thoughts, our beliefs, our points of view, our perspectives, our ideologies, our patterns of behavior, our emotions, and perhaps, above all, our internal programming.

We are considering what exactly is true and what is not truth and what is fact versus fiction. We learning who and what to trust. We are learning discernment in a whole new way.

We are re-evaluating everything and as we do so, we are re-creating entire new realities.

We exploring the realms beyond the beyond….

One of the key basic universal principles we can know is certain is that we live in a holographic universe of infinite realities, infinite potentials, infinite possibilities and infinite realities…these all exist in infinite timelines and on various planes of existence.

Within any timeline, there also exists infinite experiences which are based on story lines that we could also call sub-holograms, and these sub-holograms are part of the entirety of all that exists. We are all within all that exists.

This is all validated as scientifically real, valid and true in quantum physics by all of our most advanced and progressed physicists.

In the 5th Dimensional Reality,
We Create Entire New Realities of Our Choosing

All of these overlapping realities and timelines are creating different choices and experiences for people and animals to choose from. We can choose what we want to experience by putting our attention on whatever we put our attention on.

In addition, we choose our experience based on whatever we believe and perceive, on all levels of our existence, both consciousness and unconscious.

Herein lies the problem, the challenge and the opportunity.

Break Through the Limitations, Blocks and Barriers
of Earth’s Previous Undesirable Timelines and Realities.

First, we are not typically aware and/or conscious of what is in our unconscious. In order to experience that which we desire to experience, we must clear, heal and resolve that which is in our unconscious…all of those things, be they emotional, mental, or spiritual, are all aspects of what we experience, and typically, they are less desirable aspects, otherwise, they would not be so unconscious.

SO, for example, take a few moments to test yourself using the questions below; to what degree do you agree with any of these statements, either consciously or unconsciously:

  1. I believe that sickness and illness is out of my control.
  2. I believe that aging is inevitable.
  3. I believe that death is inevitable.
  4. I believe I have little or no control over whether or not my animal companion gets lost, sick or injured.
  5. I believe in my genetics and that my genetics in my DNA will have a huge influence over my future health and well being.
  6. When I get sick, I call the doctor. I go to the doctor to heal me because my doctor knows best about my health.
  7. If my pet gets sick, I call the vet. I trust the veterinarian to give me the answers I need to heal my animals when they are sick and I listen the veterinarian over others since they are a doctor.
  8. I believe I have little or no control over car accidents.
  9. I believe I MUST follow all the laws that the government has told me to follow.
  10. I believe the laws, rules and regulations of our society are fair and just.
  11. I believe that others should follow the laws, rules and regulations of our society because they are laws, rules and regulations.
  12. I believe that if I don’t pay my taxes, I will get in trouble from the IRS.
  13. I believe that sex and sex related issues are extremely private and personal.
  14. I believe that I am going to age and die.
  15. I believe that I could get sick without notice or warning.
  16. I believe that we are all experiencing the same reality and that we are all experiencing similar situations and circumstances on earth.
  17. I believe in the apocalypse.
  18. I believe that earth might not be here in our future – that we might all just destruct or somehow go extinct.
  19. I believe in saluting and honoring soldiers and vets.
  20. I believe we must fight for our rights.
  21. I believe we must defend our country.
  22. I believe we must fight for liberty.
  23. World War III is a real possibility.
  24. I believe we must sign petitions or rally or fight or write our congress to make any real change.
  25. The only real God can be found at Church and the only way to study Him is in the Bible and the scriptures
  26. The only real God can be found at the Temple and the only way to study Him is in the Torah.
  27. Jesus was sacrificed on a cross.
  28. I don’t have enough money; I am limited in my funds.
  29. There isn’t enough space/land for all the people.
  30. There won’t be enough food for all the people.
  31. We are destroying our planet.
  32. I believe that change comes from the bottom.
  33. We’re all going to die eventually.

Believe it or not, these are all programs of the holographic experience we have been living in in the 3rd Dimension.

They are not actual facts, and they are not absolute. In fact, none of the above statements are actually true, Unless we believe them consciously or unconsciously.

None of them.

There are Indeed Other Realities
Which are So Much More Benevolent;
We Can Access and Align With Them.

Let’s try some of these – to what degree do you agree with any of these statements, either consciously or unconsciously:

  1. I don’t believe it is possible for me to tele-transport.
  2. I know others can communicate telepathically with animals, but I just don’t think I can do it.
  3. I know others are psychic and are Lightworkers, but I don’t think I can.
  4. I have to honor my parents – I feel guilty if I don’t.
  5. I am worried about or afraid of taking on other people’s energy.
  6. I am learning to open my chakras.
  7. The Universe is telling me not to do something.
  8. I am limited in what I can do, or accomplish.
  9. I only have so much time and energy.
  10. I am not getting my needs met. I can’t handle my life.

Ok, I am sure I have pushed a few buttons here….

Indeed, lists like these could go on forever.

The thing is, none of the above statements are true.

None of them.

They are programs, implants, and holographic inserts within our minds, our holograms, which enable these realities.

Access Infinite Universal Timelines of Infinite Possibilities
Including the Most Desirable and Enjoyable Situations,
Circumstances and Outcomes for All…

Second, we must become fully aware and conscious that there are indeed outside forces among us, who really, really, really benefit from us being so limited and playing so small.  They are benefiting from our ignorance and they are using various ways to influence our free will so we have and create the experience that THEY want us to have…

We could generally identify these folks as global elites who control and dominate:

  • The banking institutions, et al
  • The medical and pharmecuetual institutions, et al
  • The educational institutions, et al
  • The legal institutions, et al
  • The government institutions, et al
  • The media institutions, et al
  • The gold, silver, oil, diamonds and gems, and in fact all the worlds natural resources, including all parks and reserves

These folks want to perpetuate the old world known as the 3rd Dimensional reality where there is dramatic pain and suffering for all but a few, and where everyone gives their true power to these global elites.

They have created an energetic matrix so vast, so deep, so entangled, that we have all been entangled in it.

This matrix is so vast in fact, that it permeates through multiple timelines, realities and dimensions of experience.

The only way to break free of this matrix is via The very real experiences associated with Ascension. Sadly, many folks still have no idea that this is going on, or that it is a real phenomena.

They are getting trapped in The Matrix in perpetuation and they are continually experiencing the same pain and suffering, sadness, misery, isolation, sickness, fear, worry, anxiety and depression, lifetime after lifetime.

They see war and fighting and daily challenges as an inevitable part of their lives.

They see sickness and illness and they think there is nothing they can do about it.

They experience loss and greif and feel hopeless.

They are experiencing all kinds of stress and anxiety and hopelessnes but they think that’s just normal.

They feel as if there is nothing they can do to change their cicurmstances, or they try their best, but no matter what they do, they are sitll stuck in the matrix, and most likely, they don’t even know it.

We have all felt these things to varying degrees.

To the extent that we are waking up, we are beginning to free ourselves…to liberate ourselves…

But sadly to say, most folks are stuck in a limited holographic experience known as 3rd Dimension and they can be easily manipulated and lied to.  They are fed nightly broadcasts of ‘fake news’ via the mass media, their doctors, their lawyers, their teachers, their accountants and their government representatives (who are also stuck in their limited holographic experiences).  They all believe these limitations to be truth.

They have been trained and ingrained so deeply that they have trouble breaking free.  They have experienced the extreme hardships and blocks of the 3rd Dimensional experience and so they buy into those limitations.

It doesn’t matter how much we try to explain to them what exists in the vast universe, their mind cannot conceive of it and they typically will block any incoming information or energy because of their own inner, unconscious resistance programming, via the mind control and manipulation and energetic interference, ie. the Matrix, of the 3rd Dimensional holographic reality.

Let’s Take Control Over
Our Own Lives and Our Own Destinies.

Even awakening and ascending families of light, are still unaware of the energetic chords, attachments, strings, connections and entanglements that keep sucking us back into The Matrix and serve to limit us and our experiences by perpetuating the old 3D reality and constantly resurrecting those experiences which we are not deliberately choosing.

Millions and millions of humans, animals and plants (and even mother earth herself) are living diminished, limited lives based on a false holographic reality which is, has been and will continue to collapse.   While it does, these beings are being manipulated, lied to and are missing out on the glorious 5th Dimensional reality where joy, love, peace, harmony, health, well being, happiness, abundance, prosperity and unity consciousness exists for ALL beings…

It is time for us all to Exit The Matrix and
Fully Anchor into the 5th Dimensional Reality Timeline.

This course, Exiting The Matrix, is designed to help YOU exit the Matrix once and for all, without leaving behind your friends, family and loved ones..

It is about leaving behind those experiences you no longer choose or desire and opening up and expanding into – in fact, fully anchoring into – the 5th Dimension of reality.

It’s about refusing to be a slave, a victim, or to perpetuate the cycles of pain and suffering.

The 5th Dimension of Reality Can Be Descirbed as
The True and Real Experience of Heaven on Earth.

It’s about breaking the barrier of Earth’s previous, undesirable timelines and realities and accessing infinite universal timelines of infinite possibilities and the most desirable, enjoyable outcomes for all… where all beings are happy, healthy and fulfilled.

These infinite universal timelines exist and are real.

As individuals, we must take control over our own lives and our own destinies during this time of Ascension. We must actively free and liberate ourselves from The Matrix of the 3rd Dimension.

Disentangle, Disconnect and Unplug from the 3rd Dimensional Reality
and Fully Anchor in the 5th Dimensional Reality

Once we exit The Matrix, we are much better able to help and serve others to exit The Matrix too. This is because the process of exiting The FALSE Matrix of the 3rd Dimensional reality actually collapses that False Matrix so more and more people will find their way into the 5th Dimensional reality with more and more ease, grace and benevolence…

Please join me for this remarkable course, unlike any other.

Exiting The Matrix
8 Week Tele-seminar ~ Webinar
1 Week Bonus Healing Call
9 Consecutive Tuesdays

Planet Earth and All of Humanity is going through ONE OVERLAPPING TIMELINE of Reality known as Ascension. At this time, we are all in the midst of a truly massive global timeline-reality shift, where the old timeline known as 3rd Dimension is collapsing and the new 5th Dimensional Timeline is replacing the collective experience.

And while many are attempting with all their might to rigidly hang on to the old reality and stay stuck in it’s former embrace via the energies of fear, control, dominance, manipulation, greed and separation, and last ditch efforts to hold onto this old paradigm, their efforts are futile.

Let’s Unite in a Time Space Reality Where All
Beings are Happy, Healthy and Fulfilled.

ALL LIVING BEINGS ARE required to uplevel at some point (there is a divine plan in terms of the exact and precise timing). The old 3rd Dimensional Reality will eventually no longer exist in our timeline’s experience as the two realities break apart and the old reality falls apart.

The easiest, most enjoyable, most effective way to uplevel and fully anchor into the 5th Dimensional Reality is by coming into alignment with Source Consciousness, through an ongoing process of various Spiritual processes, and through disentangling and disconnecting and unplugging from the 3rd Dimensional Reality.

Exiting The Matrix Frees and Liberates Beings from The 3rd Dimension and
Anchors Beings Into the 5th Dimension of Reality.

As we shift into the 5th Dimensional parallel timeline, we are upleveling to the new reality and the new state of consciousness which is alive and well and fully engaged…here now for us all to receive and experience, in love, joy and unity consciousness…

Let us all come together in love, expand our consciousness and amplify our light as we completely unplug, free and liberate ourselves from the lower dimensional timelines…

Join Us and Exit The Matrix NOW

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When you join us, you will also receive these extra bonuses to Accelerate Your Exiting and Realignment Process

Item 1: 101 Theta Healing Downloads ~ The FULL 7 Week Class

This is a full course of 7 weeks of 45 minute energy healing and light meditation Theta Healing energetic downloads and activations for people and animals to anchor in the highest, clearest, lightest energetic frequencies of the 5th Dimension and beyond.  This full class will also assist you to dramatically lighten your emotional, physical and energetic baggage from this and all lifetimes. Valued at $399

Item 2: Dimensions, Gateways, Portals, Stargates and Timelines: Navigating Your Way Through The 5th Dimensional Reality and Beyond

This is a 3 hour seminar which completely clarifies these topic areas in very simple and easy to understand and apply ways to help you navigate your way through this strange universe and the bizarre holographic nature of our reality. As always, the content is presented in everyday laymen’s terms while still including the factual and scientific evidence to enlighten, elevate and lift you up.  Valued at $199

Item 3: The Separation of Worlds and The Splitting of Timelines & Dimensions

This is a 3 hour seminar to help you understand the amplified waves of energy and the solar light flares and cosmic waves that have been intensifying on our planet and that have been working to expand us and elevate us to awaken us.  It also explains how to use this energy and the peak periods to create, align with and experience the future timelines and realities which you most desire. Valued at $199

Item 4:  Intro to Dark Arts Training & Psychic Self Defense Course

This is a two hour class about Dark Arts Training & Psychic Self Defense with live energy healing to remove entities.  It also provides clarity about conspiracy theory and how it relates to our current state of reality in a non fearful and non threatening way…It provides a visionary perspective. It also speaks about how to free and liberate yourself from the 3rd Dimension.  Valued at $99.

Item 5: Follow Up Live Q&A Call: Intro to Dark Arts Training & Psychic Self Defense

This is a 90 minute follow up BONUS Q&A call with a LIVE Healing for clearing entities, psychic chords, attachments, and other dark matter and stick stuff which drains and blocks us from living our highest and best lives.  It is incredibly effective ad powerful for Healers, Intuitives, Energy Workers, Animal Communicators and Lightworkers everywhere.  This intro follow up Q&A call with bonus energy healing will provide you with additional support to help you to clear entities and non benevolent non-physical, unwanted visitors and also includes an actual live energy healing.  Valued at $99

Item 6: Dark Arts Training & Psychic Self Defense 80+ page ebook

This 80+ page ebook provides an overview of the above topic area and is focused on service to the Healers, Intuitives, Energy Workers, Animal Communicators and Lightworkers everywhere who want to expand their knowing and extend their gifts to others.  It will also invite you to expand your studies and practice to a full eight week seminar if you  so choose. Valued at $25

Item 7: Clearing Entities, Energetic Vampires, Demonics and Other Non Physical Non Benevolent Beings

This is a quick and easy pdf guide on the complete and total ‘how to’ when it comes to clearing out all non physical beings who have malevolent intent, without getting entangled and/or ensnared by them..there is no need for any fear at all! – have no fear – this is fast, easy, effortless and guaranteed to work miracles!  Valued at $25

Item 8: Reclaiming Your Sovereignty and The Sovereignty of Those You Love Class

Claiming YOUR True Sovereignty: YOUR GREATEST POTENCY: The Amazing Power of Free Will Choice and How to Use It to Radically Shift Your Life and The World is a 90 minute mp3 class which fully explains liberation and sovereignty like you have never heard it before…this class goes into the real truth about free will and how to use it as your greatest tool so that you can free yourself of all limitations and harmful experiences. This is a powerful and life transforming class and the content in this class will serve you, your loved ones, your animal companions and all living beings on the entire planet. Valued at $50

Item 9: Clearing and Healing The Stickiest Stuff Ever

Ever feel like you have done everything you possibly could to heal and resolve something? You know that feeling like you have done it all and no matter what, nothing works!!!  Well this 30 minute healing and light meditation is for you. Valued at $75

Item 10: Belief System Buster

During this highly effective, 45 minute LIVE Energy Healing and Clearing for busting and clearing out old, worn out, stuck beliefs which are no longer serving you, we clear out, heal and resolve old, outmoded belief systems which are no longer serving us in the highest and best ways, and we replace them with new, more aligned belief systems to serve us in living the lives we were born to live.  Appropriate to any and every belief system – not limited to any particular belief system; extremely effective.  This recording can be replayed over and over for addressing different belief systems too. Valued at $75

Item 11: Access to Our Private Facebook Group Community of Awakening Family of Light

Take the energy of Consciousness Expansion online as you receive support from other like-minded Spiritually Awakening Beings, and receive direct interaction with Lori in this private, exclusive Facebook group, which is only for those in the Exiting The Matrix program. Post your questions and share experiences as we strengthen and the energy we share and expand into the collective consciousness of all beings on planet earth. Valued at $Priceless$

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$1100 ~ Save Over $1250+ Off the FULL Course Rate

Or Two Payments of $555
(The second payment will be 30 days after the first)

Or Three Payments of $375
(Each payment will be billed 30 days apart)

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