Speed Activations

Speed Activations
Sacred Energy Activations & Transformational Healing for the Awakening and Ascending Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

Via Tele-Class & Webinar
Next LIVE EVENT: The 12-12 Stargate Portal
Tuesday, December 12th
4pm PT/5pm MT/6pm CT/7pm ET

These are Light Encoded Frequency Activations to assist you in remembering more of the highest truths, raising your own vibrational frequency, embodying the lightest and highest light.  What’s more, these energetic attunements are designed to allow your Spiritual transformation and Consciousness expansion to be easy, graceful and benevolent ~ indeed, effortless.

These Sacred Energy Activations & Transformational Healing Events will be brief calls with intense Sacred Energy Activations straight from Source.  Each Activation call will be unique and will assist you with:

  • Unplug from the 3D Reality
  • Manage Ascension Symptoms
  • Unlock Your
  • Awaken Your Dormant Potential
  • Activate Your God Codes ~ Super Human Abilities
  • Tap into Creator Consciousness
  • Align with our True Source ~ Divine Creator Light
  • Shift into The New 5D Reality & Beyond

And of course, we will also be strengthening and creating new connections and alignments with the Highest, Purest, Clearest Vibrational Connections to Original Source ~ Creator ~ The Divine

Some of our previous activations include:

  • Krystal Keys of the Christ Body Activation
  • Plasma Light Frequencies Activation
  • Aqualine Sun Activation
  • Original Divine Blueprint Activation
  • Pearlescent Crystal Activation
  • Merkaba Body Activation
  • Diamond Codes 
  • Diamond Lightbody Codes
  • Magenta Codes
  • Magenta Lightbody Codes
  • Emerald Codes
  • Emerald Lightbody Codes
  • Turquoise Codes
  • Turquoise Lightbody Codes
  • Lord Metatron Activation
  • Lord Malchesideck Activation
  • Flower of Life Activation
  • Clearing, Healing & Resolving The Atlantis Trauma
  • Clearing, Healing & Resolving The Lemurian Trauma
  • Clearing, Healing & Resolving The  Armageddon Programs
  • The Galactic Human Template Activation
  • The Diamond Codes of The New Earth ~ Gaia  Activation
  • The Diamond Codes Water Activation
  • The Diamond Codes of Air Activation
  • The Diamond Codes of Fire Activation
  • The Diamond Codes of Ether Activation
  • The Diamond Heart Activation
  • The Codes for 6th & 7th Dimensional Alignment Activation

Every Speed Activation is entirely new and unique based on Divine Source Guidance. All live events are recorded and are available for repeat listening.

Please join us!

The LIVE tele-class information will be emailed directly to you the week before the live event.  You do not have to be present on the live call to receive the benefits. As always, the live energy will be equally effective in delayed playback.  The call will be recorded for delayed listening and will be also emailed directly to all participants.

*Special discounted offer rates cannot be combined with any other special offers, discounts or coupons. Advanced discounted tuition rates on classes are non refundable. Class tuition is transferable to other classes and workshops for a small transfer fee.  For additional information on our refund policy, please click here.

Lori Spagna