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Your Dormant DNA


What is the Dormant DNA and Whats it Good For, Anyway?

During This FREE mini-class, you will learn about the real and scientifically valid information regarding your DNA including:

  • Why the first two strands of DNA contain all of the mysteries from your ancestral lineage as well as the misconceptions and false
    beliefs of your ancestors and your family bloodlines
  • How you can clear, heal and resolve your genetic make up in your DNA and actually completely alter and change your future
    for the better
  • How you can heal and resolve EVERY illness and dis-ease, be it mental, physical, emotional or spiritual
  • Why the next 10 strands of DNA are NOT junk, as modern day medicine would have us believe, nor are they actually even dormant, but rather, fully conscious, existing in a ‘waiting state’, and why this is so important to your evolution and your family
    lineage too
  • What these full 12 strands of DNA are actually good for, and why they contain your greatest gifts, talents and abilities
  • What lies beyond the first 12 strands of DNA – even up to 144 to 444 potential strands of unawakened, non utilized DNA
  • How this information is so important for awakening beings worldwide and for the future of our planet

This Evolutionary and Cutting Edge Higher Knowing of The DNA is NOT something your doctor knows nor can any modern day health
care practitioner understand.

These DNA Strands are holding the keys and the codes – one might even say ~ Sacred Key Codes ~ to awaken YOUR greatest potential and align you with the highest and best version of yourself.

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