Future Crafting ~ Reality Crafting

Future Crafting ~ Reality Crafting

Consciously and Deliberately Create Your Reality and Your Experience

This course is about becoming the ULTIMATE CONSCIOUS Creator of your reality by consciously and deliberately using the tools of Manifestation and The Laws of The Universe in combination with your sacred contracts and expertly applying The Process of Manifestation to actualize the things, situations and circumstances of your greatest dreams, goals and desires into your reality.

This course will be learning oriented and also personally experiential for deep inner transformation through awakening, healing and empowerment.

The content in this course has been directly downloaded to me from Source, The Divine; it is original course content not available anywhere else.

I am SO EXCITED to be sharing this course content
with YOU… It is part of my Divine Purpose on
this planet to share my lifetime’s learning and experience with others,
empowering folks like you to also step into Your True Power, Knowing and
Awareness, which is YOUR God-Given Birthright…

Here’s what we’ll be covering in this radically new, incredibly potent, juicy living  seven week tele-seminar:

  • How You Can Consciously Transform all Fears into Love
  • How to Release and Transform Your Negative Patterns of Thoughts and Behaviors as well as Your Limiting Beliefs and Programs
  • How to Clear and Detoxify Negative Emotions and ALL Karmic Cycles which have kept You Stuck in Struggle
  • How to Shift from Victim to Victorious and From Slave to Empowered
  • How to Balance Your Heart, Soul, Mind and Emotions and All Areas of Your Life
  • How to Embody Your True Authenticity and Clear the Blocks Keeping You from Your True Divine Nature and Real Self Identity
  • How to Integrate Deep and Sustained Self and Other Love and Acceptance
  • How to Fully Embrace Your Divinity and Express Your True Purpose and Mission
  • How to Heal Your Physical Pain Related Issues
  • How to Integrate Polarized, Dysfunctional Aspects of Yourself
  • How to Break Free and of Joy, Connection, Happiness and Fulfillment
  • How to Manifest and Actualize Your Best Life Ever!

Here are just some of the amazing and transformational benefits you can expect to receive by participating in this courses:

  • Improved clarity in all areas of your life
  • Increased intuitive abilities
  • Harmonization of all wounded victim and damaged child
  • mentalities
  • Integration of the resistance between the push pull energies of the self sabotaging aspects of living in the physical reality
  • More relaxed state of mind with respect to your personal journey and life’s path
  • Greater sense of confidence, inner knowing, self esteem and self and other love and acceptance
  • Dramatic reduction of fear based thinking and fear based behaviors which will no longer be needed
  • Dramatically increased awareness about your soul’s contracts, agreements and also your personal patterns to allow you to make smarter, clearer, more sophisticated choices in all areas of your life
  • Dramatically improved sense of personal empowerment and stamina with respect to all areas of your life
  • Additional congruency and balance within your mind-body-soul-emotional aspects of yourself
  • A new alignment with your soul’s Divine Blueprint for your life and living
  • A sense of Personal Empowerment, Enthusiasm and Inspiration to Live YOUR BEST LIFE EVER!

You’ll Also Experience:

  • Increased Positive Energy and Vitality
  • Improved Overall Health and Well Being
  • Enhanced Interpersonal Communication and Relationships
  • Healthier More Peaceful and Harmonious Relationships with All Animals
  • Improved Creativity
  • Increased Financial Flow, Abundance and Prosperity
  • Strengthened Feelings of Ease, Well-being and Peace in All Areas of Your Life

You won’t want to miss out on this powerful, life changing course. Please join us!

Craft YOUR Reality, Create YOUR Future and Live YOUR Best Life Ever NOW!

PLUS! You’ll Also Receive This Exciting Bonus:
When you register for the seminar, you will also receive Lori’s Best Selling downloadable eBook, Lori’s accompanying original eWorkbook, and the two accompanying audio mp3s:
Manifestation Made Easy

A total value of $97.00!!!

PLUS! You’ll Also Receive This Extra Bonus Too:
Create Your Future ~ Live Your Best Life Ever! Live Energy Healing Event”
Sacred Energy Healing 60 minute mp3

Valued at an additional $99

Of course, you will also receive all of the class handouts, study documents and practice exercises that come with this eight week home study course to provide you with the full and rich content that you need to truly learn and apply the tools and practices of Future Crafting ~Reality Crafting and Manifestation in the fastest, easiest, most fun, most enjoyable ways possible.

In addition, you will also learn how to apply these tools to co-create a most benevolent reality for ALL living beings on planet earth by manifesting and actualizing a new and more benevolent reality for all of humanity.

You will transform your experience by clearing away everything that stands in your way and choosing to live an empowered, heart centered life through the process of self love and acceptance as well as conscious and deliberately co-creating your reality so that you can live your best life ever!

This is an investment you’ll make in yourself and your personal and spiritual evolution which will permanently transform you and your life, and allow you to step into your authentic self and live your divine life’s blueprint to truly experience your best life ever!

You won’t want to miss out on this powerful, life changing course. Please join us and learn to craft your reality, create your future and live your best life ever NOW!

YES!!! I want to begin to transform my experience by clearing away everything that stands in my way and choosing to live an empowered, heart centered life through the process of self love and acceptance as well as conscious and deliberately co-creating my reality so that I can live my best life ever! I’m ready!!!

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Lori Spagna