Intuitive Development Aligning with Your High Self and Your I AM Presence Unlock Your Inner Awareness

Opening Your Psychic, Intuitive Gifts & Abilities and
Align with Your High Self ~ God Self ~ Super Consciousness
Your I AM Presence
Level 1 Psychic, Intuitive Development Training

What if you could easily and effectively tap into your psychic Intuitive gifts and abilities, have a direct connection to The Universal Source of information and energy and use it to serve yourself and others in the highest and best way possible in every area of your life?

What if you could also use this wisdom, information and energy to get answers and knowing to all of your most important questions in life and receive guidance for yourself and others and trust that source?

During this 9 week on line webinar, you will:

  • Develop your ability to open your pituitary, pineal and thymus glands to begin receiving energetic information from The Universal Source
  • Learn how to access your Theta Brainwave for connection to The Universal Source and develop your ability to strengthen your Theta brainwave using Lori’s exclusive Theta Technique®
  • Access and open your fourth eye
  • Discover techniques to allow you to use your psychic/intuitive gifts, skills and abilities
  • Develop your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance skills
  • Awaken your consciousness to unknown dimensions of reality and existence
  • Learn how to interpret signs, signals, symbols and messages you receive
  • Learn to receive universal truths and information
  • Practice meditations to deepen your psychic/intuitive abilities and connect you to your spirit guides, angels, higher self and the collective consciousness
  • Learn psychic protection skills and how to ‘turn them on’ and ‘turn them off’, as well as how to clear your energy and your field
  • Learn about the real and scientifically valid and factual information behind psychic intuitive gifts and skills
  • Deepen your connection to and relationship with Angels, Guides, Guardians and Other Benevolent Light Beings
  • Deepen your connection to your own Higher Self
  • Deepen your connection to The Divine Universal Source
  • RECEIVE Pineal, Pituitary and Thymus Activations – This alone is HUGELY important for navigating through The Shift and throughout your life and the world

We’ll also explore, discuss and review:

  • Angels, Healers, Helpers, Guides and Guardians as well as The Masters, Teachers and The Lords of Karma and The Keepers of The Akashic Records
  • Techniques for seeing, perceiving and reading the aura
  • Chakras and key energy points and meridians
  • Interpreting and clearing your fliters and the filters and biases that interfere with clarity of information and guidance
  • Psychic Sheilding and Psychic Protection
  • The Sacred Neutral
  • Intuitive Healing
  • Getting Validation from Clients and Unseens
  • Practitioner Ethics and Agreements
  • Support tools such as astrology, numerology, card decks, sacred symbols, animal totems, and more

Plus: you will give and receive lots of practice readings with your friends, and community members to develop and increase the clarity, precision and effectiveness of your readings.

Tap Into Your Inner Gifts and Abilities and
Expand Your True Divine Nature

You’ll also get:

  • Open coaching and training calls for all areas of your practice
  • Factual, scientific data to support the very real, radically cutting edge information we’ll be discussing
  • Access to  intuitive guidance and support directly from Lori
  • No-Holds Barred Questions and Answers in a fun, safe, environment

Discover Within Yourself a New Kind of Clarity, Inner Knowing,
Personal Harmony, Trust and Self Confidence

Whether your interest is in becoming a professional psychic/intuitive, or simply to be able to use these powerful tools for your personal benefit, this course will teach you to tap into your own inner gifts and abilities and find within you a new kind of clarity, inner knowing, personal harmony, trust and self confidence.

Plus! How this for an exciting BONUS:

When you register for the seminar, you will also receive Lori’s
downloadable eBook,
“How Psychic Are YOU?
7 Simple Steps to Unlocking YOUR Psychic Potential
and the Keys to Unlocking Your Intuitive Gifts”,
and Lori’s accompanying eWorkbook, plus the full set of 6 accompanying mp3s
A total value of $297.00!

This special training course series is specifically designed for:

  • Professional and aspiring Coaches, Animal Communicators, Psychics and Energy Healers
  • Spiritually minded people who would like to further develop their intuition
  • Animal Lovers who want to deepen the bond with their animal companions
  • Clairsentients, Clairvoyants, Claircognicents, and Clairaudients who want training and coaching to expand using their gifts and skills
  • Holistic Health Practitioners of all backgrounds, including Reiki Practitioners, Alternative Health Practitioners and especially Massage Therapists
  • Spiritual and Metaphysical Seekers of all kinds
  • Anyone who wants to learn more and be supported by a group of very healing individuals
  • Conscious Beings Waking Up everywhere and anywhere
  • YOU!

It is my purpose on this planet to share my lifetime’s learning and experience with others, empowering folks like you to also step into your true power, knowing and awareness, which is YOUR God-Given Birthright…

This course is also for you if you want to:

  • Stop making excuses and start living YOUR BEST LIFE EVER!
  • Believe in yourself and your talents and abilities
  • Begin Using the Power of The Universe to work for you in all areas of your life and the life of your loved ones
  • Know that you are doing your absolute best for yourself, your loved ones, your animal companions and your friends, family, clients and colleagues
  • Have a deeper connection to YOUR Source, Creator and the Creator within you

Experience a Deeper, More Intimate Connection to YOUR Source,
Creator and the Creator within YOU…

You will:

  • Expand your consciousness, awareness and connectedness to all of life
  • Broaden your knowledge and wisdom by tapping into that of Creator’s
  • Enhance your abilities to connect with The Plant, Mineral and Animal Kingdom as well as The Archangelic Realm, The Devic Kingdom and Source, Creator, God
  • Develop and improve your self confidence in all areas of your life and your living…

And so much more…

Improve Your Connection with The Unseen, Non Pysical Realms of Love Who Are Always Available to Support and Assist You

Whether you are already a professional psychic/intuitive, or you are be able to use these powerful tools for your personal benefit, this course will teach YOU to tap into your own inner gifts and abilities and find within you a new kind of clarity, inner knowing, personal harmony, trust and self confidence.

Join us for this powerful, fun and life changing on line course as you learn to tap into and trust Your divine guidance and your true gifts, talents and abilities to Your direct connection to Divine Universal Source Intelligence.

This eight week on line training program happens only once or twice each year. Currently, registration is closed. Enter your name and email address below to learn more about the program and when our next enrollment period begins. You will also receive periodic gifted classes, materials and relevant information.

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Lori Spagna