Lori Spagna is perhaps most well known for her recognition of the deep and intimate animal~human connection in terms of how animals mirror their human’s behavioral, physical and emotional tendencies and for her programs that focus on the interconnectedness of all beings.

With over 20 years of experience serving humans and animals around the world offering seminars and workshops on how we can improve our lives by learning from animals, Lori has become recognized as an international expert, speaker, author, Visionary, Light-worker, Intuitive and Healer for both 4 and 2-legged creatures.

Lori is also an Ascension Guide, Wayshower, Author, Teacher and Speaker who assists others to awaken to their alignment with the true Divine Source which exists within around each and every being so that all beings can live their best life ever.

The evolutionary process known as Ascension is a real and valid, scientifically explained phenomena which is happening planet wide for all of humanity.

Ascension, which includes a conscious and deliberate choice on the part of each individual to engage and participate in humanity’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution, is well underway on earth.

Worldwide, humans and animals are encountering deep and profound transformations and internal shifting which is in turn triggering monumental change and transformation in all areas of of our human experience, including geographical, political, social, religious, financial, spiritual, planetary and galactic.

As this shift continues to unfold, people need support, guidance, assistance and clarity regarding these dramatic changes they and their animals are experiencing.

This is part of Lori’s role and service as an Ascension Guide and Wayshower.

Lori’s four signature topics and key areas of expertise include:

Lori’s area of expertise and teaching focuses on the following four major topic areas:

Ascension & The Shift of Consciousness
  • Ascension and Awakening of Humanity and Planet Earth  Including 3rd, 4th, 5th through 12th Dimensional States of Consciousness
  • The Evolutionary Shift of Consciousness, Our Dormant Potential, Sacred Energy and Our The Role of Our Dormant DNA
  • Aligning with The Divine Source Within and Unity Consciousness
  • Awakening to and Experiencing Transformational Experiences for People and Animals
The Deep and Intimate Spiritual Bond Between Humans and Animals
  • The Role that Animals Play in the Awakening and Ascension Process and The Deep and Intimate Relationship which Humans and Animals Share To Teach Us, Help Us and Heal Us ~ This Goes Way Beyond Our Current Mainstream Concepts of Understanding
  • Animal Communication, Telepathy and Energy and The Universal Language of Love Which Our Animals Are Teaching Us
  • Animals In The Afterlife and Connecting with Our Loves Ones Who Have Crossed Over Including Our Sacred Contracts and Agreements with The Animals and Why They Are So Important for Our Own Awakening and Transformation
Intuitive Development and Our Psychic Nature
  • Our Intuitive Selves: Why We Are All Psychic and How We Can Awaken, Access and Utilize Our Greatest Gifts
  • Connecting with The High Self and The I AM Presence and Re-Establishing Trust and Faith in Our Divine Source
  • Our Akashic Records, The Universal Laws, Oneness and Unity Consciousness and Spiritual Interconnectedness
  • Our Sacred Contracts and Agreements and Our Archetypical Patterns
Healing Ourselves Emotionally, Mentally, Physically
  • How the Mind~Body~Spirit Connection Heals Everything
  • Healing, Resolving and Aligning Ourselves and Our Animals to Our Ideal, Optimal and Perfect State of Health and Well Being
  • We are ALL Healers: How We Heal Ourselves, Our Loved Ones, Our Lives, Our Planet
  • The Role of Sacred Energy and Restoring Our Original Divine Blueprint

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Lori Spagna