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Acceleration, Transformation, Enlightenment & Empowerment
For Awakening Lightworkers, Starseeds & Spiritually Minded Animal Lovers

Want more Transformational Experiences for People and Animals that Align You with Your True Source and Empower you and your pets to tap into their true connection to The Universal Source so YOU can Live YOUR BEST LIFE EVER?

Then YOU WILL Want to take advantage of this membership to the Acceleration, Transformation, Enlightenment & Empowerment Group…

This Membership Group is a comprehensive online home study and training program designed to assist you on your personal journey of Spiritual Awakening, Personal Transformation, Enlightenment, Empowerment, Ascension and Self-Realization and Conscious Development.

This home study program is specifically designed for you to learn at your own pace, in your own unique way and in alignment with Divine Timing.

This home study program is full of meditations, printable materials and mp3 recordings, plus over 75+ hours of LIVE Sacred Energy Healing and Transformational Energy Activations for you and for your animal companions too.

They are all available to you, anytime, to work with at your own unique pace.

Get aligned with YOUR Soul’s Highest and Best Journey for YOU!

Empower your life and yourself, now.

The content contained within this membership is very progressive and not generally available via most mainstream groups…It is for those who want to take their spiritual learning and understanding to a new level of awakening and yet, the content is delivered in an easy to understand and apply and simple to integrate format that to helps even those who are brand new to the Ascension and Awakening process to get on board and transform in a fundamentally simple and profound way.

PLUS: This is one of the ONLY membership groups that includes information, energy, healing and activations for BOTH YOU and YOUR Animal Companions….

New content is added frequently and ongoing to keep you up to date and always informed and on the most recent, cutting edge information related to Ascension, Awakening, Transformation, Intuitive Development, Health and Wellness….

Some of the topics included in the content within this membership include:

  • Merging and Aligning with The High Self
  • Aligning with YOUR Soul’s Highest and Best Journey for YOU
  • Awakening to YOUR Divine Potential and Fulfilling Your Divine Mission & Your True Divine Purpose
  • Self LOVE
  • Universal Love
  • Heart Coherence and Aligning with Unconditional Love
  • Ascension, The Ascension Timelines and The Enlightenment of Humanity
  • Managing Ascension Symptoms
  • Developing Your Intuitive & Empathic Gifts, Talents and Abilities
  • The Akashic Records ~ Accessing, Reading & Healing with The Records for People and Animals
  • Animal Communication & Telepathy
  • Animals and The Afterlife
  • Surviving Pet Loss ~ Turning the Grief into a Gift
  • Healing with Your Animal Companions
  • Super Foods for You and Your Pets
  • Natural Remedies
  • Reiki and Reiki Healing Energy for People and Animals
  • Manifestation
  • Theta Healing
  • Forgiveness & Compassion
  • Resolving the Inner Wounds, The Wounded Ego and The Wounded Inner Child
  • Theta Brainwave Meditations
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Your Dormant DNA with Activations
  • Your Original Divine Blueprint
  • Your Angelic Blueprint
  • Spiritual Dog Training for Masters
  • Wolf Wisdom as Taught by The Wolves
  • Shamanism & The Five Elements
  • The Nature Kingdom
  • The Elemental Kingdom
  • The Angelic Realms & The Archangelic Realms
  • The Ascended Masters
  • Working with Your Divine Entourage of Non Physical Beings of Love
  • Aligning with the God Self
  • The Truth About Karma
  • The Secret Energy of Money
  • The Spiritual Laws of Wealth & Abundance
  • Your True Worth & Value
  • Living in the Overflow
  • Your Animal Totems
  • Animals as Teachers, Healers, Messengers and Guides
  • Understanding and Applying The Universal Laws
  • Shifting out of 3D, navigating 4D and transcending 5D and beyond
  • Dimensions, Timelines, Portals & Gateways
  • Astral Travel
  • Remote Viewing
  • Transmutation of The
  • The Ancient Mystery Schools
  • The Sacred Neutral, Divine Neutrality
  • Activating the Dormant DNA
  • Shifting out of density and duality
  • Balancing the Divine Feminine & The Divine Masculine
  • Connecting with Your Multidimensional Aspects
  • Amplifying Your Light Body
  • The Violet Ray
  • The Emerald Ray
  • Transmuting all Separation and Duality, including the Egoic Mindset and Lower Vibrational, Denser Emotions
  • Pineal and Pituitary Activations
  • Past Lives, Parallel Lives, Future Lives
  • Soul Contracts and Agreements
  • Ancient Archetypes
  • The Major Chakras and Energy Centers
  • Sacred Numerology
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Utilizing the Tube Torus
  • Gateways and Gridwork and Deactivating The Matrix
  • Divine Service
  • Gaia and The Great Central Sun
  • The Shift of Consciousness
  • Sacred Space and Space Clearing
  • Divine Protection
  • Working with the Shadow
  • Dark Arts Training
  • Clearing Entities from People and Animals
  • How to Handle The Conspiracy
  • Navigating the Dark Agendas
  • Working with Crystals
  • Connecting with Star Families for Starseeds, Wayshowers and Changeagents
  • The ET Races
  • The Indigo Races, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children
  • Working with the Law of Free Will
  • Claiming Your Sovereignty
  • Liberating Yourself
  • Theta Healing
  • Healing Meditations
  • Sacred Energy Activations for People and Animals
  • Transformational Healing for You and Your Animal Companions

There are over 75+ hours of tutorials, classes, forums, masterminds, on line trainings, insightful Q&A replays, meditations, transformational, sacred energy healing activations, all in easy to access and simple to receive mp3s and pdfs

PLUS: Get special coupons and discounts off of upgraded full courses which are not available to anyone else, anywhere.

This unique content is for both you and your animal companions and it is not available anywhere else.

Thank YOU for choosing this Acceleration, Transformation, Enlightenment & Empowerment Membership Group to uncover, discover, reveal and align with the Consciousness and LOVE within yourself…and to remember and align with YOUR true Divine, Sacred God Self.

This membership group has nothing to do with any organized religion or particular denomination or spiritual group; the primary intention of this home study membership program is to assist Spiritually Minded Animal Lovers, Awakening Starseeds, Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Change-agents to successfully navigate though the Evolutionary Shift of Consciousness which is taking place on planet earth, as well as to assist you in discovering and uncovering your true gifts, talents and abilities which lie within you.

It is further designed to include the Animals we share our lives with, so that they too can benefit from the information, wisdom, love and energy contained herein.

The life changing and consciousness transforming content, including the meditations, energy and activations contained herein is meant to be absorbed and digested in your unique and divine timing.

YOU are responsible for your own journey and your commitment to your own personal evolution; with your active engagement and participation in the content contained herein, this membership group is designed to assist you in the process.

The content in this Membership is valued at over $3500+
The current one year access rate will increase to $444 very soon.

Over 75+ hours of tutorials, classes, forums, masterminds, on line trainings, insightful Q&A replays, meditations, transformational, sacred energy healing activations ~ all in easy to access and simple to receive mp3s and pdfs.

PLUS: Get special coupons and discounts off of upgraded full courses which are not available to anyone else, anywhere…

This unique content is for both YOU and Your Animal Companions and it is NOT available ANYWHERE else…

Acceleration, Transformation, Enlightenment & Empowerment
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You will receive a login and password within 24 hours of registration and purchase.

10% of all proceeds are donated to Conscious Not for Profit Services

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Lori Spagna