High Praise

“From the moment I met Lori, I knew immediately that she would be my teacher.“

“From the moment I met Lori, I knew immediately that she would be my teacher.  I have since taken Lori’s Animal Communication Courses, her Spiritual Dog Training Courses, participated in her Manifestation & Healing Circles many times, as well as benefited from private session work with Lori.  Her work has transformed my personal life and my career.  I consider it a direct result of working with Lori that my dog Toby is still alive, after several too close for comfort life and death calls…I also know that it is because of my training with Lori that all of my clients and their dogs are also benefiting in life changing ways.  Lori is a true gift to all who are so blessed to interact with her, even if only to be graced by her mere presence – and I do not say that lightly.” ~ Karen Mangini, Dog Behaviorist, The Bow Wow Training Method

“I thought it was my dog who needed healing.  Turns out it was me.  Within only a few sessions, my once weak and bed bound dog was able to walk again.  After taking Lori’s ‘Learn Animal Communication course, I learned why.  My Dog HEALED ME!!!!”

“Lori is a great teacher of Animal Communication – I actually was interested in taking the class after Lori had come to my house to do some work on my dog Oonagh.  During her sessions she revealed to me many things in her communications with Oonagh and did some really powerful healings. She kept talking about a black dog, she advised me to just ask Oonagh what the dog means and all of a sudden all the information was revealed: I had been holding onto lingering resentments associated with my brother.  I was then able to let go of 40 years of resentment of my brother in less than a minute because of what this black dog represented in Oonagh’s life and his part in it….Amazing!!! I will be forever grateful to Lori for helping me to realize this.

In Lori’s animal communication class you learn a lot about yourself.  I was able to develop my inner senses which is essential in animal communication and well any communication.  I learned respect for the animals and saw the animals as equals and not as pets.  It has forever changed my relationship with my dog and now I can see Oonagh communicate with all the animals in the neighborhood. Lori has a lot of knowledge and gives more than what you sign up for.  Since the workshop I got a huge communication from my dog that has changed our relationship and has caused me to better heal my emotional issues. It was a great awakening for me.  What a gift it has been and I am so thankful to you Lori for your thoughtful teaching filled with such love of the animal and their guardian!” ~ Moira Letzer

“Working with Lori has changed my life in so many wonderful ways and has been one of the best investments that I have ever made in myself.” 

“Working with Lori has changed my life in so many wonderful ways and has been one of the best investments that I have ever made in myself.  The work that we do has touched, enhanced and improved every aspect of my life: spiritual, financial, career, personal growth, my life with my beloved animal companions, my family life, and so much more.

The changes that I have experienced have been in many ways dramatic and tangible – like increasing my salary by 40% through manifestation within three months of working with her!  Other changes, especially to my inner self,  have been no less dramatic, and at the same time, so gentle through healing and empowerment coaching.

Lori is very gifted as a psychic, healer, animal communicator, coach, teacher and mentor.  I feel so blessed and honored to be working with her and I am hugely grateful to her for the amazing results I have experienced in all areas of my life.

Lori, I hope that this conveys how wonderful I think you are and how much you have made a positive difference in my life….words never quite feel adequate when I try to describe it!  Thank You, I love you.” ~ Amy G.

“I just took Lori’s Animal Communication Course Level 2 (after previously completing Lori’s Animal Communication Level 1 Course with her) and I am beyond impressed. This is one of those classes where time flies, every minute is packed with useful information and the energy of the space creates healing throughout the weekend and beyond.

I am so impressed with how much I learned!! Every time we did an exercise in class I was able to connect with the animal (or animals) and receive accurate information. I am so excited to continue practicing and developing this new gift that Lori has illuminated for me and to continue in additional classes and workshops with Lori!  She’s a wonderful teacher!

And one more thing – this is something that everyone can do! We all have this gift! So, in case you are wondering, YES, you can do this too! I am deeply grateful to Lori for sharing this teaching. She is a true light, a passionate teacher and gifted healer.” ~ Kristi Sandeno, Los Angeles, CA

“I love Lori’s class! Listening to Lori touches me deeply, helps me to feel oneness with all of life and increasingly connected with everyone in the class.”

“Lori you’re sharing your incredible gift of communicating on all sensory levels with us.

You cover all the sensory bases while explaining some of the useful techniques that ease the way during the beginning levels of interpretation and making sense of the information that swirls around and through us while we’re doing a reading.

Your explanation of the importance of recognizing the differences while acknowledging our oneness put everyone at ease. So often we take on and personalize energies because we’re recognizing aspects of ourselves in another. The importance of knowing ourselves helps us to be able to release the internal tension that can build up during a reading. The way you phrased the importance of acknowledging the obvious separations we experience while allowing for and remembering our oneness was perfection. You truly are a way shower of the highest degree.

The better we know ourselves the easier it is to recognize what are parts of our stories and what are not. Like you mentioned, that leads to more confidence and helps us to think feelingly and feel thinkingly.

I love this class! Listening to you touches me deeply, helps me to feel oneness with all of life and increasingly connected with everyone in the class, especially you.” ~ Gary Bianconi, Animal Communicator and Healer

“THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH Lori for such an informative amazing course..

I loved learning and taking part in all of your amazing wisdom… and the 2 days felt more like 2 hours… It was so much fun and truly transforming. You are such a beautiful light being  and a true inspiration to me.  I know we will stay connected and work together in the near future.  So happy I took this class and to finally get to meet in person.” ~ Jennicka Marie, Founder of Furry Tails Animal Rescue

“That was an amazing session!  I want to give you some initial feedback.  The pain that I was feeling in my lower back had disappeared when the reading was over.  Dewey and I went for a walk, and he was so darn’ frisky, I could not believe it!  Obviously, he’s not only feeling better physically, but mentally too!  Thank You, Lori! Incredible, immediate results for sure! Love to and blessings to you.” ~  Carol and Dewey

“It was an incredible experience to work with you and learn from you, Lori..thank you. I think I got so emotional because you enabled me to feel what Frankie feels. You said he felt sadness and I believe I was feeling it.  Better than that, clearly Frankie’s licking and chewing has greatly improved and I have also noticed a decline in Theo’s “neediness”, he doesn’t seem to starve for as much attention. As a matter of fact, I can already see an improvement in Frankie’s skin already!  Thanks again for everything. I look forward to working with you in the future. As a matter of fact, I’m attending tomorrows circle. See you tomorrow evening!” ~ Ben Martinez, Los Angeles, CA

“Bella and I thank you so much for these!! It was my pleasure to bring the gift to you… when I saw it I instantly thought of you bringing light into the dark world… and last week as I was watching you at your house, I was wishing I had money to give you a big gift….All I have to say is that you have given me hope in times that seem hopeless, you have given me light in times of darkness and I wish more people could be like you…!!! Bella and I LOVE YOU and Thank YOU!” ~ Denise Maratos, Los Angeles, CA

“Before taking Lori’s Lori’s Beginner and Advanced Animal Communication class, as well as her Animals in the Afterlife Class, I was so frustrated with my animal communication abilities, in spite of having taken other classes with other teachers.  After taking Lori’s initial Learn Animal Communication Level 1 course, I felt  so much more confident that I signed up for more!!!  Now I am confident in tuning into animals, sending and receiving messages and teaching them behavioral modifications through communication and telepathy, rather than frustration. Yipee!

Lori’s deep love, wisdom and understanding of animals is a true gift to this world, and learning from her is a gift we can give to ourselves and  the animals in our lives that we love, and that need our help as translators.   Dog’s truly are a woman’s best friend… Lori’s classes are a must for anyone that wants the richest relationship they can have with their best friend and loyal companion  both while they are here, and while they are walking beside you  in spirit.  Thank you Lori, from both Pescadero and I and as always, we look forward to more classes with you!” ~ Kathleen Kelly, Los Angeles, CA

“Lori’s services have transformed the way I interact with my dog, my children, my husband, my friends and my colleagues!”

“After working with Lori, as a colleague, friend and client, I learned the processes of effectively connecting with the animals’ innate intelligence via the language of energy, which all animals speak.  Even more than that, I learned how to access a part of me that I never knew existed, and how to use that part of me to improve my life and all of my relationships, not just with my dog Maui Mamma, who Lori also rescued, fostered, trained and re-homed with me.

I am absolutely amazed at how much I learn every time I interact with Lori as well as how much it has transformed the way I interact with my dog, and even more so about how that learning has positively affected how I interact with my husband and my two young sons.  Every relationship in my life, especially the one with myself, has significantly benefited and become more enjoyable for all of us.

Lori is a born leader, highly compassionate and an incredible teacher.  I highly recommend working with Lori to anyone who is interested in becoming a more compassionate and loving human, and who wants to make a big impact on helping animals and humans alike.  You will be amazed at how much you can learn, change and grow in only one weekend and how that will  positively impact the rest of your life for the better.” ~ Marisol Cummings, Millford, CT

“Whether you work with Lori as a trainer, a communicator, a healer or in one of her workshops as her student, I highly recommend you do it NOW!”

“I have been the grateful benefactor of Lori’s work with my dog, friend and companion, Buddy.  It is amazing that the process of Animal Communication and learning to tap into our own unique abilities, gifts, talents using the parts of our bodies which are tuned into energy, can and does translate that energy is an incredible benefit in all areas of my life, both professionally and personally.

Even more important is how using these gifts, talents, abilities has helped  me and Buddy to have a more healthy, happy and fulfilling relationship. My life, as well as my partnership with Buddy, has dramatically improved since we started using the incredible resources which learning to communicate with animals provides.

Whether you work with Lori as a trainer, a communicator, a healer or in one of her workshops as her student, I highly recommend you do it now — there simply is no one like her, and no where else for you  to learn these cutting edge techniques and ground breaking information” ~ Rolando Martinez, Pasadena, CA

“OMG thank you Lori so very much!  I am just finishing the first Animal Communication Class and I will be taking the next level as soon as I can manifest the funds to do so.  I wanted to buy the last package she offered on the call Tuesday but I just couldn’t swing it now.  I thought I should just listen to what I got from the last package. I LOVE her work and it has changed my life so much in the past few months since I found her through my sister.  I was just emailing a friend about Lori because she asked me how I was able to get into more right brained thinking.  She is dealing with some heavy issues like so many of us.  I am going to direct her to Lori’s website and her online shows and calls.  I keep referring my animal friends to her Pyramid One show and her website.

Thanks again! Yours in Love and light.” ~ Mary DeRoche, Animal Healer

“What Lori taught me, and the healing she provided on a long-standing fear I had for 15+ years, (the fear of getting a disease) was nothing short of extraordinary!  In ten minutes time, she gave me guidance about the root cause, practical coaching advice on steps to take, and an energetic healing that moved mountains for me.  I could feel the shift right away (and I usually don’t feel them at all!).  The feeling of freedom I have with no more fear, has been beyond liberating, and my heart is so full of gratitude for Lori and her miraculous work.  Her gifts of teaching and healing are powerful, and she delivers them straight from the heart. Bundles of heartfelt blessings to you, Lori!!!!” ~ Sincerely, Tina, Tampa Florida

“I AM TOTALLY GRATEFUL for your teachings and BLOWN AWAY at how well you explain such advanced information.  I am in AWE of your brilliance and ALL that I have received from YOU!”

“I just listened to your class on Dimensions, Timelines and Portals and I am TOTALLY GRATEFUL for your teachings…I am also BLOWN AWAY at how well you explain such advanced information.  I am in AWE of your brilliance and ALL that I have received from you. You are WAY AHEAD of everyone I’ve heard on this topic area!!!

I love how you explained the imprinting and switch over so brilliantly. Thank you for sharing YOUR Brilliance!” ~ Blessings, Leah Zahner, Los Angeles, CA

your clearing meditation bonus
is outstanding
rocking realities
right on

I am listening again…THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!” ~ Love, Beverly Brunelle

“Lori Spagna is one of the most lovingly enthusiastic people we know.”

“Lori Spagna is one of the most lovingly enthusiastic people we know.

She understands the animals and people with a huge heart so they love her and respond to her deeply.

My cat and family member, Jessie and I are animal communicators and human counselors. We had the privilege of having many readings with Lori. Not only was the information reflected accurate but it was delivered with the gift of healing.

My cat Jessie and I received bountiful assistance which was a gift to us on many levels.

As a professional animal communicator and energy healer, I would not trust my readings to just anyone.  I highly recommend a reading and/or healing for your animal companion and/or yourself with Lori Spagna – she’s amazing and both you and your animals will love her and the results you experience!” ~ Dr. Laurie Moore and Jessie Justin Joy, Santa Cruz, CA

“Thank you for the gift of this amazing Psychic Intuitive Development Class!”

“Lori I want to thank you for the gift of this amazing Psychic Intuitive Development Class! The depth of the content in this course assisted in immersing me into full self realization & conscious connection with higher levels of consciousness. This course is an amazing tool for anyone that desires to both honor and cultivate their spiritual gifts, while deepening their connection with spirit. I honor and respect you Lori for doing such a great job at living and doing what you are taught by spirit, and then sharing it with the world. The content in this course is life changing. It will, without a doubt, enhance your life   by teaching you how to strengthen your connection to Spirit. Thank You again Lori for being the messenger, and such outstanding servitude to spirit and the greater good of all!”  ~ Shayna Rowe

“Hi Lori…I have some awesome news. You would have had no idea that just before I enrolled in the session with you what my personal situation was…Suffice to say, there was nothing right in my life at that time.  I was unemployed and broke, my sister had just passed away, I was practically homeless, and suffering with some major health issues.

After participating in my first Manifestation & Healing Circle, I sat in a park for about an hour everyday,grounding, meditating.  I did two of your meditations the same day.  I focused on getting a job.

Today, only a few days later, I have just signed an employment contract for $80K!!  WOW! What you teach works!!!!!

ps: The circle was so amazing that I involuntarily vibrated so much I thought I was going to lift off the bed…When you asked us to put our hands on solar plexus, and heart chakra they vibrated uncontrollable. During the second meditation, my energy of my body vibrated non stop all the way through.  SO POWERFUL!  With much gratitude, Jenni” ~ Jenni, Australia

“I’ve been listening to you on the Bob Charles show for about a year and had a private session with you in January with my dog, Cleo.  In the session you addressed a chronic ear infection that she had when we got her.  You got that the infection was significant in order for us to connect her with our previous dog who had the same infection. I wanted to let you know that we have made some fun observations regarding many similarities between the two dogs including picking the exact same places to lay in the yard for relaxing and “look out” posts.  We even kept the same dog dishes and leashes – it is really fun to make the connections between the two dogs.

I love listening to your perspectives – they bring me a sense of peace as it helps me to better understand the shift from an archetypal and energy level.  I especially enjoy your commentary on the financial/money/energy exchange; government/election – how this mirrors collective consciousness; media influence; earth changes; numerology.  It’s all fascinating!  I love your passion for teaching and your laugh to keep things light.  I also appreciated your most recent show with Bob where you shared your vulnerability and hitting the floor moment….and how you’ve dealt with it.  Keeping it real….

I just visited one of your recent YouTube videos – the one hour lecture then DNA activation and energy healing.  It was my second listen.  The first time was before bed and it left me all “buzzy”.  This time was first thing in the morning.  I did feel a lightening of energy off my shoulders when you addressed the spine. Thanks for all you do!” ~ Love, Jean Canale

“You cannot be not affected by Lori’s incredible positive and God-filled energy.  Her Manifestation Circles can’t help but bring your desires closer because through them you get Lori’s guidance, the group’s energy, clear-direction, prayer and focus.  Health and wealth were at the top of my list and both have been coming my way.  I highly recommend her powerful circles.” ~ David Spetner, Instructor, A Course in Miracles

“When I moved to Santa Monica, I moved in with a roommate with two cats – Ernesto, a Siamese, and Vincent, an Abyssinian.

Ernesto was a very friendly cat. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. Vincent was very different. He was very skittish. He mostly avoided people and would run and hide at the slightest provocation.

When I found out Lori lived in my neighborhood, I invited her over.

She came over and got to meet the cats. Ernesto was his usual charming self. Vincent was more reserved. He sat on the edge of the couch watching Lori.  Lori  immediately began talking to him and initially, Vincent hissed at her.

Lori was not put off. She said, “You don’t mean that. What’s up? What’s bugging you?”

After a brief pause she turned to me and announced, “He said he was buried alive!”

I was surprised. Obviously, he was never buried alive in this lifetime, but then I realized, “Well, he is an Abyssinian.”

She said, “What does that mean?”

I said, “Abyssinians come from Egypt. They were often buried with the Pharaohs to accompany them on their trip to the afterlife.”

Lori’s eyes opened wide. Then she turned back to Vincent.

“Hey no need to worry about getting buried alive anymore. That was then and this is now.”

Ever since that conversation, Vincent has been a much more friendly and affectionate cat. He’ll jump into my lap or climb on me while I’m laying on the couch. He loves having his belly rubbed and have his head scratched.

The difference is pretty dramatic, and very obvious to those of us who have known Vincent for a while.

None of this would have been possible without Lori having her little chat about being buried alive.

So, if you’re looking for someone who can talk to your cats and find out what’s bugging them, then I can tell you, Lori is the person for you!

Ed Spina, Lightworker and Energy Healer, Santa Monica, CA

“This course with Lori was well worth the time, energy and money.!”

“I just completed Lori Spagna’s Learn Animal Communication Couse and all I can say is OMG! I would HIGHLY recommend Lori’s course to others who want to learn the basic requirements and the good skills to communicate with animals telepathicly with Lori: TAKE THIS CLASS! Lori delivers the information in a simple to understand and easy to apply method. During the course of the program we got to actually practice animal communication and develop our skills…I am already well on my way to speaking with animals all over the world! This course with Lori was well worth the time, energy and money. Thank you, Lori.”

“Thank YOUI Lori, for Locating Logan, Our Lost (and Found!) Cat!”

“My sister called me to tell me her cat Logan, who is the sweetest and most beautiful cat, had gone missing for two days, not even knowing if he was alive. The first person I thought to call was Lori Spagna. I immediately contacted Lori.  In her initial contact with Logan, she stated that ‘he’s alive, he’s lost, scared, he wants to find his way home’. Loris also mentioned that lost animal cases are really hard — animals are often panicked because they don’t know what to do and don’t stay still — they keep moving. So time was of the essence. Lori intuited that she saw Logan was in a big grassy lot which looked unoccupied by anyone and asked if there was one near my sister’s house and noted that it appeared that there was an alley nearby.  She also asked Logan to stay where he was until help arrived and to listen for the sound of his mom’s voice, who would be calling for him soon.

I gave this information to my sister as she and her husband walked around the neighborhood in search for him. Lori told me on the phone that they were going to find him. Minutes after, my sister called me to tell me she found Logan, who was two blocks away from there apartment, and sure enough he was in a is a condemned apartment building near her apartment near an ally. Logan came running out as they called his name in what is a tall grassy fenced off empty lot. Divine timing is truly a beautiful thing and I am so grateful to Lori for her assistance and her intuitive guidance on helping us find Logan. Thank you Lori!” ~ Cedar Martyn, Los Angeles, CA

“I am so grateful to Lori, who helped us locate our missing cat, Logan. Logan had always been an indoor/outdoor cat but when we moved to our new apartment, there was no way for Logan to get out as he was able to do in our old apartment (second floor balcony). So much to his chagrin, after moving, he became an indoor cat with only balcony privileges.  This arrangement had been working fine, until one evening we discovered that Logan got out!  We couldn’t’ find him for a couple days!!!

During those days, I had been crying and walking around the neighborhood calling his name, over and over again, and was starting to make fliers to post around the neighborhood- when I spoke with my sister who recommended Lori, who was happy to help.

Somehow, Lori knew that Logan was alive but didn’t know how to get home. Lori said that he was in “a big grassy lot, looks unoccupied by anyone.” She also saw that he was near a alley. I wasn’t too hopeful since I had walked around the neighborhood, but she encouraged us (my husband and I) to keep looking, and to not wait because he might move from where he was. At this point it was already after 10pm, but because Lori urged us to, we started walking around again, calling his name. Apparently, Lori instructed Logan to stay exactly where he was and listen for our voices.  As we walked down the alley, I heard him meowing.

We found him in a large back yard (facing the alley) which was full of over grown weeds behind a vacant apartment building. it was unoccupied as Lori had seen.  OMG!

Logan is part of our family and the loss of him would have been devastating. I am so thankful for Lori’s assistance in returning him home!  Thanks again, Lori!!!” ~ Maurella Abeyta, Los Angeles, CA

“During the past year I have been working with Lori as a participant in her online classes, as a recipient of her private healing sessions and as a colleague in a collaborative venue. in all three modes, Lori has been a stelar partner.

In all these areas Lori has a focused, comprehensive, deep and unconditional loving approach. In my 80 years, I have worked with a lot of teachers/healers and I find Lori to be among the best that I have experienced.

In fact, when it comes to Lori: What a delight! She is just delightful! Her work is delightful! Her talents, gifts, energy, insights, willingness to share, give and receive are all delightful! The results I have received from working with her are also delightful!!!

I know, I keep using that word, delightful, however, after considering the words ‘passion’, ‘confidence’, ‘excitement’, ‘knowledge’, ‘radiance’, ‘love’ and probably several more that don’t come to mind right now, knowing that all of which are absolutely appropriate, I am still left with ‘pure delight’ to describe my experience of watching and working with Lori.

And ps: after only two private sessions with Lori, my eyesight went from not passing my eye exam for my driver’s license to PASS! Thank You Lori! You are a delight!”  ~ Ron Hall, Founder of Global Coherence, Fairfield, Iowa

Here’s what Lori’s clients and colleagues are saying about Lori’s work, teaching style and classes, and the real, tangible, often immediate, dramatic and permanent, life changing results they have experienced when working with Lori:

“I wanted to let  you know how much I appreciate you and how much I look forward to our sessions…You are a light for me in our confusing world.  I was in such a bad place when we started but by the time we were done I felt like a whole different person.  Thank you for today and thank you for everything…” ~ Karen Mangini

“Thank you Lori!!!!!!! I just watched you on YouTube about manifestation and couldn’t stop!!! I  enjoyed you soooo much, I watched the whole video. You are awesome, hilarious and such FUN!!!!!!! Wow!!! Amazing!!! Love Keala ~

Keala Gerhard, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Teacher for Hawaiian Spirituality

“I just wanted to thank you for an incredible class, it was so informative and encouraging.  I’m so glad I didn’t miss it!  I’ve got a whole new insight since the class now and what I need to contribute in order to be successful.  YAY!!! Thanks for all you do!” ~ Lauren LaFrancios

“I have been on my personal spiritual journey for about 5 years now. Recently I was introduced to you by a colleague of mine. You are so empowering & uplifting! I just watched your Manifestation for Abundance & Prosperity video, it has already changed my life! I asked the Money Angels & Prosperity Angels to bring me the money I needed for a class I needed to take & the NEXT DAY it was offered to me in whole!! The meditation you lead in the video was so strong & I completely felt everything you said!!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! You have genuinely changed my life already & I will continue to use the tools & meditations you do to bring abundance & love in to my life! Thank you again. Love & Light & Gratitude to you!” ~ Charvel Roy

“Lori is the only person I know in the world who can take a topic like death, disease, dying and grief and loss and turn it into something of joy, love, laughter and beauty, and still keep it educational and entertaining.  Hats off to you, Lori!” ~ Solomon Fine

“Lori, I just needed to tell you: when I got home on Thursday evening about 2 hours after I talked to you, my dog’s foot looked 100% better than that morning.  It was like, wow, I could see the top of the skin getting hard…it is so much better than what it was before the appointment on Thursday.

Hands down, Lori whenever you go into working on him the changes is very very noticeable. So this is good.  Also, his appetite is better, thank you very much.

Lori thank you for all that you are doing you are amazing!  Your energy when you worked on me Thursday was awesome, wow and wow. Thank you!!!” ~ Nancy Tulipano and Stryder, Canada

“I have been communicating with animals for 16 years, and I still learn something new from Lori every time I listen to her speak.  She is always challenging me to do better and be more of what I already am…she continuously validates things I already know as well as adds to my repertoire of information and insights.  What a git Lori is to all animals, including and perhaps especially the human variety.” ~ Amy Friend

“Thank you for a fantastic workshop on manifestation.  Two days after attending your on line event, I manifested a brand new, FREE Mac Computer!!!!   I am looking forward learning more about all of these wonderful and amazing gifts of the Universe!” ~ Michele Mastrorio., Santa Monica, CA

“Hi Lori, I attended your workshop only a few months ago to find my soul mate and guess what? I found him!!!!!  I LOVE YOU LORI!!!  Thank you for leading me to the light!!” ~ Deborah, Los Angeles, CA

“Hi Lori, this is Gerardo,I just took the manifestation circle with you last Tuesday,well I want to share with you that I got the business  and a CHECK FOR 10,000!!!!!!!!  Thank you and please let me know when is your next circle,so I can manifest more checks! ~ Geraldo Martinez, Los Angeles

“Wow! As soon as I took your animal communication course, I noticed my relationship with my beloved cat Karma begin to improve immediately! Within 24 hours of me putting the tools you taught me to work, he has already stopped hissing at my other cat, Bodhi, who has also already begun to show signs of new and improved confidence at home.  Thank YOU Lori! You are a lifesaver!” ~ Susan, Karma and Bodhi, West Los Angeles, CA

“I am so super excited to participate in more classes with you, Lori.  Since the last time,  I can feel energetic changes in my body and my overall physical strength and endurance is steadily improving since the DNA Theta Healing work we did.  Thank You!” ~ Karen, Simi Valley, CA

“Lori is full of energy and is lots of fun with a ‘no holds barred’ attitude. Highly recommended” — Ilana, Los Angeles, CA

“You cannot be not affected by Lori’s incredible positive and God-filled energy.  Her Manifestation Circles can’t help but bring your desires closer because through them you get Lori’s guidance, the group’s energy, clear-direction, prayer and focus.  Health and wealth were at the top of my list and both have been coming my way.  I highly recommend her powerful circles and her too.” ~ David Specter, Instructor, A Course in Miracles, Gateway Center

“Hi Lori, my name is Anna and I’m in Australia. I had never heard of you prior to today but wow, haven’t you given me some food for thought! You are wonderful, amazing, inspirational, warm, intelligent, articulate, a role model, a gift to all things living and a whole lot more!!! Honestly! I just heard you on Debra Poneman’s teleseminar, Your Life Without Limits, and while I listen to all of Debra’s interviews with motivational people, you have been the one that has touched my heart and emotionally moved me the most. I’ve been listening to Debra’s presentations for close to four months, and you are the standout! I found you to be real, genuine, down to earth and very caring and credible. I felt happy and ‘just great’ after listening to you. Also, I have never heard of anyone being so concerned for animals as you are. That was refreshing to hear. I too am an animal lover and therefore became vegetarian and have always wanted to do something to help all the animals on our planet. You are doing so much good and I truly hope all the good in the world comes to you and surrounds you forever. You remind me of the sun as you just shine, and you radiate positive energy, healing and light. God bless you. On a final note, thank you for being you. Kind regards, Anna Aucello

“I am looking forward to another life changing tele-course with you Lori.  I love using the new tools and tips you teach me.  Every time I work with you, I learn something new.  I am truly grateful to you.” Larry F., Denver, CO

“I walked out of our healing circle with a bounce in my step — totally awake (at 10:45) to be able to drive home and not worry if I was too tired.  The DNA download was amazing and I just listened to your Theta CD.  I heard your voice and saw/felt that same experience from Tuesday!!  See you again soon!” ~ Stevie, Redondo Beach, CA

“I recently attended Lori’s course on Animals in the Afterlife.  It was truly amazing, and absolutely out of this world…I find Lori to be completely authentic and well informed.  Learning about what happened to my Chico during and after his crossing has made a world of difference in my overall peace of mind and personal harmony.  It has also helped me to develop a new and perhaps even deeper connection to Chico since he crossed.  Thank You Lori.” ~ Jennifer S., Rye, NY

“Thank you Lori, for providing a safe space for us Aspiring Angels to gather, play and learn.” ~ Leah Zahner., Los Angeles, CA

“The information I have learned from Lori has changed the way I think about things and has helped me to experience more joy in all areas of my life.” ~ Tom R., New York, NY

“Working with you was an incredible experience, thank you. We are already noticing dramatic improvements with Frankie and Theo.  I had no idea how effective the session would be, and how quickly the changes would take effect.  I am so pleased.  I look forward to working with you in the future. As a matter of fact, I’m attending tomorrows circle. See you tomorrow evening!” ~ Ben Martinez

“Hi Lori. Thank you for having us, the experience was amazing. I too felt the changes the very next morning when I woke up. Almost as if the thoughts just bounced off me and corrected themselves, My cousin experienced the same feeling. Love and Light, Lisa” ~ Lisa, Los Angeles, CA

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!  I have been feeling…how could I call it…electrified since the call with you!  It’s an amazing feeling.  During the time of the DNA download or trans-configuration, I felt it so powerfully…and immediately afterward…it was like wow…what was that…but it feels good…not too much….my chihuahua Franco has been loving my new DNA so much so that he’s been sleeping under my legs…today, I have crazy good energy…very nice…thank you!  Looking forward to more at the Sunday workshop! ~ Thyra, Los Angeles, CA

“Lori is the REAL DEAL.  Highly recommended!” ~ Ron James, Los Angeles, CA

“I recently attended the Meditation/Manifestation Circle…truly amazing, and absolutely out of this world…can’t wait for other events!!” ~ KC, Los Angeles

“Hi Lori. Thank you for having us, the experience was amazing. I too felt the changes the very next morning when I woke up. Almost as if the thoughts just bounced off me and corrected themselves, My cousin experienced the same feeling. Love and Light” ~Lisa

“Hi Lori! I was just thinking about you and all you have done for me and my cats and I wanted to send you Love and Gratitude! You are amazing and I am so happy you exist and are in my world! I just bubble over with love and excitement every time I think about you. Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving! Looking forward to meeting again in class and I wish it would never end 🙂 Love, Ayla” ~ Ayla Angelo, Denver, CO

“I loved the Manifestation Circle.  I learned new tools to bring my intentions and dreams into reality.  I felt the energy shift in my body as we did The Theta Healing.  I felt so many wonderful sensations.  I felt very connected to the power of Divine Energy.” ~ Moira Letzer

“The Manifestation Circle Lori leads is a powerful and liberating experience.  The day after our manifestation I was called for a job interview, after sending out resumes for months!  I am finally realizing I am powerful! and I have the power to create my life the way I want to experience it!  Thanks Lori!” ~ Pamela Reilly

“Lori is a great coach! I have been into manifesting and learning more and more about how we are going through definite changes in our consciousness and having someone like Lori guide me as I learn how is wonderful!” ~ Theresa St. Claire

“Lori is genuine, passionate and inspiring.  Her manifestation circle is magic!” ~ Karen Mangini

“Lori’s circles are awesome and full of magic! They are worth the hour drive!” ~ Deborah Zeolla

“Lori is one of those who has done what she proports to teach.  Great Job!” – Ron James

“The pure passion and PURE ENERGY consciousness Lori creates and maintains in the manifestation and healing circle created a rich, deep, luscious experience I’ll come back for it again and again.” ~ Moira Shepard

“I really felt cleansed of heavy past thoughts and conditioning — it was liberating and empowering.  I accessed power within and reconnected with life’s abundance.  Bring it on!” ~ Nikki Benoit

“Lori inspires people with her deep knowledge of spiritual gifts.  She hosts a friendly group of people from all walks of life. After one group session, I learned valuable techniques for daily application. I feel the difference. Lori is the real deal!”~ James Hu

“I attended for the first time to one of your manifestation circles on February 22 2011.  During the process of manifestation, I asked  for getting a advance  deal for $15,000.00  I asked  for this to happen the following day {Wednesday}. The following day I got a phone call at 6:30am from a customer…The following day {Thursday} she gave me a $10,000.00 check!!!!!!! . What amazes me is I got another deal on Thursday and a another $10,000 check plus more money!!!!  I am truly thankful to Source for giving it to me and for putting Lori Spagna on my spiritual path. Thank you Lori, thank you so much.” ~ Gerardo “Jerry” Martin

“In January I got a letter rom IRS, saying I owed $7,500.00.  Two days after Wednesday’s manifestation circle, I received a letter from the IRS saying the case was closed AND I received a letter from H&R Block with a check for $6,470!! I am HAPPY!” ~ Vincent

“Hi Lori, when was the SOUL MATE circle you did back in Nov or Oct? (it was November) Please send me the exact date because I found him!!!!! I LOVE YOU LORI!!!! I also became a Theta Healer myself! Thank you for leading me to the light!” ~ Deborah

“You cannot be not affected by Lori’s incredible positive and God-filled energy.  Her Manifestation & Healing Circles can’t help but bring your desires closer because through them you get Lori’s guidance, the group’s energy, clear-direction, prayer and focus.  Health and wealth were at the top of my list and both have been coming my way in such a short time since I began attending the circles and working with Lori.  I highly recommend her powerful circles.” ~ David Spetner, Instructor, A Course in Miracles

“Thank You so much Lori! I really really look forward to our continued work together.  You brighten the world we live in!  Big Hug!” ~ Judy Anderson, Jazz Up Your Life with Judy Telesummit

“Hi Lori…I spoke with you at the fair at the Sheraton about my greyhounds. First, I want to thank-you for the wonderful healing that you gave me. I am now free of guilt, shame, and grief over the loss of my dog Lights. My other greyhound, Venus, was afraid to go through doorways. I wanted to update you on her progress. When I returned home from the fair that night, I looked at Venus and said “Let’s try going through the door. I understand what you said today.  I opened the front door, she stood for a second, and then trotted out! She then stopped very deliberately, and turned to look at me, as if to say: See! I can do it! I was so proud! In the days that have followed, I have watched her happily prance in and out with ease and grace. She is confident, and is enjoying her new found freedom! Today the weather is beautiful, and I have left the front door open for her, and she is going in and out of the doorway to enjoy playing in the yard.  Again, thank-you. I enjoy your news letters, and am hoping to speak with you again.” ~ Rosemary Akhavan

“Thank You, Lori, I so enjoyed the night with you! Even Molllie, my dog, got into it! Yeah! Love and gratitude, Melissa and Mollie” ~ Melissa, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you so much for being on the Empower Your Soul Summit.  I thoroughly enjoyed having you as a speaker and you were so easy and amazing to work with.  Everything was easy, on time and completed with so much professionalism, I thank you for that.  I personally found your wisdom and tools valuable, and I know our listeners did also. You are an incredible healer, intuitive and speaker and I feel privileged to know you and call you my friend.  I wish you every success and if I can help and contribute in any way to getting you out to the people who desire and need your work and gifts, please let me know. I am only too happy to help.  I look forward to working with you again soon. With much love, joy and gratitude!” ~ Catherine Taylor, Founder of Empower Your Soul Summit

“HEY! ok, so this is what happened on Sunday when I went home.

I saw Rocket, and he is already walking better. On saturday, my husband said he was walking great, he noticed he wasn’t limping at all. He thought it was strange, but cool, he’s better. Sunday, I noticed he is walking better still; years of limping, gone, in a 30 minute session! OMG!!! Thank YOU!” ~ Teresa Rivas and Rocket the Duck, Los Angeles, CA

“Hi Lori – Thank you so much for the session.    IT WAS AWESOME!   YOU ARE AWESOME. You gave us a lot of really good info and ideas, and I did tape what you told us so will listen to it again.  On behalf of all of us – thanks so much.  You blew me away today. Lots of love from all of us.” ~ Lynne, Sidney, Jasmine and Kelly (aka Prince)

Lori Spagna