School of Animal Communication

School of Animal Communication, Telepathy, Intuition & Energy for Spiritually Minded Animal Lovers

Our human species is finally waking up on a global scale to the reality that all animals, regardless of species or breed, are conscious, sentient, feeling, sensing, beings and that these beings do indeed have a free will and conscious desire.

Over the course of their lifetimes, all animal species have developed and perfected an extremely efficient and effective system of inter and intra species communication which is based on energy, vibration, and patterns of light and sound.

As humans have discovered the value of interacting with different species of animals humans have learned and interpreted through our own human egoic perceptions these various forms of communication, often for personal gain, and typically to control and dominate these intelligent, sentient beings.

But only recently, have humans begun to become aware of just how vast, comprehensive and refined the language that animals speak actually is.

In fact, their language is actually a Universal Language of Love, which we humans are only now beginning to learn with any degree of proficiency.

Moreover, there are now many new and exciting scientific studies well underway which are focusing on the consciousness of animals.  These studies are demonstrating and validating the real, scientifically valid evidence that animals are indeed conscious and sentient and that they do in fact, have a formal and legitimate form of inter and intra species communication.

Telepathic communication is absolutely real.  Perhaps more important, we are all capable of doing it. Just like any skill, it is one which can be learned,  developed and cultivated with proper guidance and continuous practice.

Learning interspecies communication, ie, animal communication and telepathy will enormously assist animal lovers, trainers, behaviorists, equestrians, veterinarians, farmers, ranchers, pet store owners, rescue workers, groomers, dog walkers and everyone else involved in the animal loving community to better understand and serve the animals they work with and live with.

Also, learning interspecies communication, animal communication and telepathy and this Universal Language of Energy is an opportunity for us humans to truly communicate in a deep, intimate way with these majestic, noble, magnificent, highly intelligent, highly sensitive beings.

Perhaps more significant is the fact that animals have incredible wisdom, knowledge and awareness that we humans seem to have been missing in our human experience, which, once tapped into, will hugely benefit us both as unique individuals and also as a collective humanity.

How fabulous, exciting and encouraging to know that indeed, we ALL have this ability and we ALL are fully capable of learning this Universal Language so that we all can truly learn what the animals already know and are here to teach us.

When we engage in meeting an animal via The Universal Language of Love, we have an opportunity to build a trust based partnership and united union based in peace, harmony, love, compassion, kindness and understanding, and we are able to deepen our relationships with animals, fellow humans and ourselves as well ~ all in truly profound ways.

It is for these reasons that I have developed this school of animal communication, telepathy and energy.

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to work with and help animals.  As a young adult, I had an ongoing mantra in my head where I would say over, and over and over again, “I want to be of service to animals on a global scale.”

Now, as an adult, I understand that the animals use me as a communicator to interpret and translate the information that they want us humans to know.

As we ignite our innate abilities to communicate with any species via interspecies communication and telepathy, we expand our own consciousness and the gifts of that expansion benefit all of humanity in truly magnificent and transformational ways.

For more information about how YOU can learn Interspecies Communication, Animal Communication, Telepathy and The Universal Language of Energy, ie, The Universal Language of Love, please click the link below.

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Lori Spagna