School of Ascension,
Enlightenment and Transformation

School of Ascension, Enlightenment and Transformation
Course Offerings

Exiting The Matrix ~ Dismantling and Disentangling from the 3rd Dimensional Reality and FULLY Anchoring in the 5th Dimensional Reality

Planet Earth and all of Humanity is undergoing an extremely intense time of transformation, transition, transmutation known as Ascension. This arduous, never before experienced, awakening process is taking us all into a brand new reality which includes a new physical space in the Galaxy and with respect to The Universe. It is taking us as a global collective deep into the depths of our own psyche and way beyond the limits of our own human intelligence. Both individually and collectively, we are exploring who we are as a human race, a planetary body and as individual beings.

Prerequisite: None. Encouraged to take in conjunction with Dark Arts Training & Psychic Self Defense Course.
Recommended: Dark Arts Training & Psychic Self Defense
Format: 9 Week LIVE webinar, bonus energy healing calls, homework exercises and live stream support calls

Dark Arts Training & Psychic Self Defense

We are living in a reality of overlapping realities, where the collective group consciousness is being actively deceived by the outer reality and the people in the highest levels of power.

On planet Earth, people are taught to trust in a outside authorities, groups and organizations (medical and educational institutions, false governments, illegal and corrupted legal systems including ‘democracy’, falsified banking institutions, propaganda promoting mass media, etc.) and while they are being taught this, they are being completely and totally deceived, lied to and manipulated.

In addition, to keep people in an endless negative cycle, humans are taught to blame other people, places, institutions and situations for our misfortune and unhappiness.

As humans engage in the blame game, they get trapped in an endless vicim-victimizer game where other outside situations, circumstances, scenarios and people have the power and control.
This perpetuates an endless negative cycle which ultimately only yields more and more suffering, disempowerment, pain, illness, lack, poverty, hopelessness and despair.

Unfortunately, due to the Laws of The Universe, this becomes a never ending cycle until we learn how to deal with the shadow aspects of the Human condition and life on earth.

This is Dark Arts Training, and yes, it is very esoteric. It is also the work of the Lightworker, Starseed, Wayshower, Change Agent, Wanderer, and The Guardian and Indigo Races.

This course is about taking the shadow aspects (both physical and non physical) of reality and transmuting them into the light so they become null and void.

This course is about liberating yourself from the dark, negative, shadow aspects of separation and the perils of unconsciousness.

This course is about complete and total freedom from fear of every kind.

Prerequisite: None
Recommended: Exiting The Matrix
Format: 9 Week home study webinar, bonus energy healing calls, homework exercises and live stream support calls.

Ascension Healing & Activation Series for People and Animals
101 Theta Healing Downloads

This seminar is a series of 7 45-60 minute calls of live energy healing that you listen to at your leisure ~ from wherever you are, whenever you want, as often as you want.

These 7 Day Healing & Activation Series will each focus on different and unique areas of the human experience. Each series is designed to heal, resolve and transform the issues in the 3D Reality and upshift and realign your Divine Energetic matrix into its original Divine Blueprint.

Through the various 7 Day Healing & Activation Series, the LIVE Sacred Energy Activations and Transformational Healing Energy will assist you to raise your consciousness, expand your awareness and integrate more light into your physical form, allowing you to more effectively navigate The Ascension and Awakening Process and most importantly, fully activate your dormant potential, integrate with your High Self~God Self, as well as ascend into the New Earth~5D Reality.

Each call will also include our beloved animal companions and the Animal Kingdom on Planet Earth (as applicable) so they will also receive the gifts associated with the Healing & Activation Series.

Prerequisites: None
Format: 8 Weeks of live sacred energy healing calls, each approximately 45 – 60 minutes long

Self Love & Ascension

The root cause of ALL our problems, challenges, struggles, and diseases is a LACK of Self LOVE and Self Acceptance. This is also true of all the issues our animals may be facing, whether it is behavioral challenges, health challenges or any other kinds of issues. In fact, a lack of self love and acceptance, including a lack of CONSCIOUSNESS is the root cause of ALL of Humanities issues.
When we address the ROOT CAUSE, the effects, ie, the issues we are facing in our lives, change.
If we get to the root cause of our issues, all of our issues dramatically improve.

This course is about falling in love with yourself via the Ascension process; it also serves and addresses the animal companions in our lives.

Prerequisite: None
Format: 8 Week home study webinar, bonus energy healing calls, homework exercises and live stream support calls

Intuitive Development ~ Aligning with Your High Self & Your I AM Presence

What if you could easily and effectively tap into YOUR Psychic Intuitive gifts and abilities, have a direct connection to The Universal Source of information and energy and use it to serve yourself and others in the highest and best way possible in every area of your life?

What if you could also use this wisdom, information and energy to get answers and knowing to all of your most important questions in life and receive guidance for yourself and others and trust that source?

This eight week seminar is designed to assist you in aligning with your higher self super consciousness and using the non physical realm of love, light and divine guidance to support you and assist you during your Ascension process and throughout your life.

It will also help you to better help, serve and support others too.

Prerequisite: None
Recommended: Self Love and Ascension
Format: 8 Week home study webinar, bonus energy healing calls, homework exercises and live stream support calls

Vibrational Energy Healing for People and Animals Via The 5th Dimensional Frequencies
The Ultimate Guide to Being a Highly Sensitive Empath

Vibrational Energy Healing and Meditation for Ourselves and Our Animals
Our animals speak a Universal Language of Energy which is based on the energy, vibration and frequency of love.

We know that everything is energy. All energy vibrates. As we learn to align with this higher truth and understand and apply the higher, lighter frequencies of vibration, we shift our states of consciousness, health, well being, abundance, wealth, peace, harmony, happiness, love and joy.

Our animals are already doing this… but they need our help.

Participate in a potent and effective vibrational energy healing webinar and receive incredibly transformational energy healing for you and your animals while contributing to world wide energy healing for all animals. Learn how to use this vibrational energy to heal yourself and your animals too, as well as other people, places, experiences, situations and circumstances.

Prerequisites: None. No prior experience is required.
Format: 5 week home study webinar, homework exercises and live stream support calls

Ascension, The 5th Dimension and Beyond ~ Aligning with and Living In 5D
Including Timelines, Gateways, Portals

This is a full on Ascension Course and a course to assist you in anchoring into the 5th Dimensional Reality which exists here and now, for those of us who are choosing it.
The 5th Dimensional Reality is the new way of living…way beyond the 3rd Dimensional Reality of separation and duality, where all pain and suffering exists. This course will help you to experience and transform yourself through The Shift of Consciousness and realign yourself with a new state of Unity Consciousness, fully anchored in the new Earth Reality of Gaia.

Prerequisites: None
Recommended: Dark Arts Training & Psychic Self Defense, Exiting The Matrix, Self Love and Ascension
Format: 8 Week home study webinar, bonus energy healing calls, homework exercises and live stream support calls
Learn More Here: Coming Soon…

Sacred Contracts and Ancient Archetypes

This course is designed to help you uncover, discover, explore and reveal your sacred contracts, oaths, vows and agreements and your ancient archetypes as well as to heal and transform the hidden agendas which have been holding you back so that you can align with your highest and greatest, most authentic self, live your life’s true divine purpose and mission and live your best life ever!

Prerequisites: None
Format: 8 Week home study webinar, bonus energy healing calls, homework exercises and live stream support calls.

The Akashic Records and Healing for Humans and Animals:
Access and Read The Akashic Records and Receive the Keys to Your Personal Divine Kingdom

This eight week course contains over 13 hours of class content plus one bonus energy healing call. During this course, you will learn to understand, translate and apply the wisdom, knowledge and healing energy contained in your Akashic Records and The Akashic Records of Your Animal Companions (as well as Your friends, family and loved ones).

Prerequisites: None
Format: 8 Week home study webinar, homework exercises and live stream support calls

Advanced Akashic Records Reading & Healing for Humans and Animals

During this eight week course, you will learn to delve deeper into The Akashic Records for yourself, your loved ones and your animal companions. You will access deep, soul level knowledge and wisdom for yourself and your animal companions. You will strengthen your abilities and further develop your gifts as an Akashic Records Practitioner, Reader and Healer.  You will learn to navigate and adjust to the subtle differences in frequencies and the  energetic variables which will fine tune your abilities to work within The Records and to translate the information and energy coming through The Records.

Prerequisites: Level 1 Akashic Records Reading and Healing for People and Animals
Format: 8 Week home study webinar, homework exercises and live stream support calls

Understanding The Laws of The Universe
How To Apply Them in Your Life to Live Your Best Life Ever

The Universal Laws are not theory or speculation. In fact, they are now being measured and validated scientifically. Whether people realize it or not, the entire planet, in fact, the entire galaxy and all of existence is operating under The Universal Cosmic Laws which govern order in the Universe.

They are unbendable, unmutable, unbreakable laws defined by Quantum Physics, which govern us all. These laws are universal, which means that they apply to everyone, everywhere, no matter what – weather we know it or not…and they are the driving forces of our personal life experiences.

Learning these laws will help us develop our ability to align with energies necessary to co-create the reality we truly desire in our lives.

Prerequisite: None
Format: 3 Week home study webinar and bonus products

Sacred Numerology

Numerology is the Universal Language of numbers.

Every number carries and energetic wave pattern, which can be translated into words. Those numbers, and their cooresponding words have valuable information for us.

When we break down and translate the numerical patterns of the universe into numbers and ultimately their energetic frequency match into words, we are able to uncover information about ourselves and also about the world as a whole we live in and experience.

Numerology is a personal growth and consciousness expansion tool as well as a valid and scientifically measurable self-help tool which can hugely assist us in our life’s journey and along our spiritual path.

Using the simple and basic tool of Numerology will reveal a tremendous amount about your personal journey, your soul’s agreements for you to live your highest and best life, your personal character and your life as a whole.

Numerology is a truly outstanding tool to assist you in magnificent ways you which might not be fully aware of. It can predict aspects of your future life path and can steer you in the best direction.

Understanding your Numerology cycles will indicate the opportunities you can benefit from and challenges you will need to overcome. It will help you to navigate both the joys and triumphs as well as the struggles and pains of life, as well as help you to know when they will arise throughout your Ascension process and also during the different periods of your life.

Prerequisite: None
Recommended: Sacred Nameology
Format: 4 Week home study webinar and bonus products

Sacred Nameology

Name analysis, or Nameology as a science, evaluates the order and combinations of letters in a person’s full name. It is the study of the placement of the letters in a name.

Sacred Nameology helps divulge how to interpret a name to better know how a person thinks, feels and behaves which in turn helps us to better understand others and also improve our relationship skills and abilities with others.

From a Spiritual perspective: The intuitive study of the energetics and vibrations of names and the intuitive, non scientific algorithms that create patterns of behaviors, attitudes, emotions and thoughts that manifest as real on the physical plane, ie, demonstrate who the person is.

Our names carry an energetic signature which is a vibrational match that creates, attracts, repels and even determines much of how our lives will unfold.
You can understand and determine someone’s personality characteristics by the placement of the letters in a name.

Indeed, as a professional intuitive and energy healer, I know that I can know a huge amount about a person (and an animal) simply by tuning into the energetic frequency of the vibration of their name.
Studying and applying the information and insights of the energies associated with names will increase and amplify your intuitive gifts, talents and abilities and will also assist you to better navigate your life’s journey.

During this three part class, you will learn about the hidden truth behind names. This course will provide an in-depth examination of the hidden meanings behind our names as well as how we can use this meaning to better understand and navigate our relationships and the people in our lives.
This beguiling class will also guide you through the illuminating intricacies of an ancient yet relatively unstudied system of divination. It will teach you how to apply the knowledge you gain to understand the human (and animal) psyche, personality and life journey of just about anyone you meet.

Prerequisite: None
Recommended: Sacred Numerology
Format: 4 Week home study webinar and bonus products

Future Crafting ~ Reality Crafting
and The Secrets of Effortless Manifestation

This course is about becoming the ULTIMATE CONSCIOUS Creator of your reality by consciously and deliberately using and applying the Laws of The Universe in combination with expertly applying The tools and process of (almost effortless) manifestation, all so you can truly feel empowered to create a life you love and live your best life ever!

Prerequisite: None
Recommended: Self Love and Ascension
Format: 4 Week home study webinar and bonus products

The Secret Energy of Money
and The Spiritual Laws of Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity

You can have the life you desire and the wealth, abundance, prosperity and money that comes with it! However, it does require a SHIFT in your perception about money, wealth, abundance, prosperity and true opulence and your relationship to it.

True prosperity is a state of energy, vibration and consciousness, not a state of world affairs. When you learn to clear, heal and resolve your inner issues related to your inner worth and value and also related to your ideas, concepts, perspectives, beliefs, belief systems, etc. related to money, wealth, abundance, prosperity, lack, limitation, and the corporate system of money and trade, you will have an entirely new experience with respect to money, wealth, abundance and prosperity.

Prerequisite: None
Recommended: Self Love and Ascension
Format: 4 Week home study webinar and bonus products

Lori Spagna