Spiritual Dog Training Masters Class

Spiritual Dog Training

Masters Class

All the stuff you didn’t learn in dog training school and you won’t hear from Cesar Milan or Victoria Stilwell


Everything the dogs want US to learn from them


Introducing: Spiritual Dog Training Home Study Program

A spiritual, holistic approach to dog training and behavior modification, animal healing and communication, and understanding our own behaviors…

This training is ground breaking and revolutionary.  It is absolutely transformational in terms of the ways we interact with, train, work with and live with dogs (indeed, all animals).  It is not offered anywhere else, by anyone else.


Topics covered include:

  • Basic and Foundational Training
  • New Puppy Training
  • Intermediate Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Clicker Training
  • Working with Highly Aggressive Dogs (and people too!)
  • Working with rescue dogs and highly traumatized dogs
  • Proper Nutrition (applied to people too!
  • Proper Toys, Tools and Games
  • Adventures and Outings
  • Applying the Spiritual Dog Training Approach
  • In Depth information about Energy and How It Applies to ALL animals – human and non human
  • Client consult Info and How to Handle the Clients
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

Below is the content rich, juicy, vital information contained in each class module:

1st Module — Approximately 60 minutes

  • Kick-Off Call ~ Introductions, Explanations, Connections
  • Course Overview
  • Assessment of Current Skill Levels
  • Expectations, Agreements and Timeline
  • Background and History of Dog Training
  • Open Discussion
  • Q&A


2nd Module — Approximately 90 minutes

  • The Four Key Training Methods & The Theories Behind Them
    • Compulsion or Force
    • Operant Conditioning
    • Classical Conditioning
    • Combined Approach
  • Spiritual Dog Training: The efil’s god Approach
  • The Four Fundamental Training Tools:
    • Positive Reinforcement
    • Negative Reinforcement
    • Positive Punishment
    • Negative Punishment
    • Correct, Redirect & Praise!
    • Absence of Reinforcement or Extinction
    • Three Strikes and You’re Out – The ‘3 Strikes and You’re Out’ Rule
  • Review of the Approaches and Varieties of Dog Training
    • Command
    • Behavioral
    • Show
    • Play
    • Service
    • Emergency
    • Manners
    • Good Citizen/Manners
    • Boot Camp


3rd Module — Approximately 90 minutes

  • Through an Expert’s Eyes: The History and Evolution of Canine Behavioral Training
  • Introduction to Training Applications, Trainers and an Overview of Methods
    • Government Methods
    • Monks of New Skete
    • William R. Koehler
    • Matthew Margolis
    • ”The Aussie Way”
    • Cesar Milan: The Dog Whisperer
    • Victoria Stilwell: It’s Me or the Dog
    • Clicker Training
    • The T-Touch Method
    • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
    • Animal Communication


4th Module — Approximately 90 minutes

  • What Makes a Good Trainer; Training vs. Handling
      • Personality
      • Leadership Fundamentals and Discipline
      • Handling Clients
      • Emphasis on Leash Work – “It Travels Down the Leash”
      • Body Language
      • Vocal Control
      • Integrity and Honesty, Kindness and Compassion, etc.
      • Overall Energy
      • The Power of Intention and Instinct
      • More on Energy and Its Significance
      • Reading Recommendations
      • Questions & Answers
  • What Our Animals Know and are Here to Teach Us
  • Energy & Animals – The Universal Language of Love: Energy as the Language Animals Speak


5th Module — Approximately 90 minutes

  • Discussion and Q & A
  • Safety First Review
  • Equipment Review
  • Lessons Overview: Basic Obedience
  • Lesson One Basic Obedience: Wolf Pack Societies – Overview
  • Foundational Work & Examining Wolf Pack societies
  • ‘Training in a 2 Hour Session via Foundation Work’
  • Quiz and Questions & Answers

6th Module — Approximately 90 minutes

  • Discussion and Q & A
  • Lesson Two Basic Obedience, continued: Above Basic Commands
  • Get the Basics: This is NOT your typical command training!
  • Quiz and Questions & Answers
  • Lesson Three Basic Obedience: Commands & Client Demonstration
  • Assessing Temperament and Behaviors, Body Language, Vocal Cues, Interpretation: Both the Human and The Animal
  • Quiz and Questions & Answers


7th Module — Approximately 90 minutes

  • Discussion and Q & A
  • Lesson Four Basic Obedience: Leash Work & More Commands
  • Quiz and Questions & Answers
  • Lesson Five Basic Training: Proper Nutrition and Muscle Testing/Kineaseology
  • Holistic Health & Nutrition, Kineaseology & Muscle Testing
  • Quiz and Questions & Answers


8th Module — Approximately 90 minutes

  • Discussion and Q & A
  • Lesson Six Basic Training: Review and Completion of Basic Training
  • Catch On & Catch Up!
  • Walking the Walk, Not Just Talking the Talk
  • Quiz and Questions & Answers
  • Final Wrap Up Q & A for Basic Training


9th Module — Approximately 90 minutes

  • Lesson Seven: Intermediate Obedience in 2 – 4 Lessons
  • Intermediate Training ~ Taking it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL
  • Quiz and Questions & Answers


10th Module — Approximately 90 minutes

  • Lesson Eight: Advanced Obedience in 2- 4 Lessons
  • Advanced Obedience Quiz and Questions & Answers
  • High Stress, High Anxiety and Aggressive Dogs
  • How to Sooth and Calm; How to Heal and Resolve
  • Using Secret Tricks of an Undiscovered Trade
  • Working with Aggression and Anxiety Quiz & Questions & Answers


11th Module — Approximately 90 minutes

  • Puppy Training & Toys Lesson
  • Puppy Training Quiz and Questions & Answers
  • Clicker Training Lesson ~ Click It Babe!
  • Clicker Training Quiz and Questions & Answers


12th Module — Approximately 60 minutes

  • Expanding YOUR Business and BEING PROFITABLE & SUCCESSful
  • Customer Relations ~ Training the Client
  • Follow up learning and study for continuing education & on the job training ~ Expanding YOUR Horizons:
    • Canine Good Citizen Lesson
    • Delta Society & Service Dogs/Therapy Dogs
    • Rescue organizations and Shelters
    • Training Societies and Organizations
    • Grooming
    • Walking
    • Sitting
    • Massage
    • Kennels and Boarding
    • Complimentary & Alternative Approaches, including:
        • Energy Work
        • Animal Communication
        • Holistic Healthcare Modalities
        • Other progressive avenues of behavior modification study and advancement
  • ALL-Ways Being Teachable!


13th Module — Approximately 45 minutes

  • Open Discussion and Review; Questions and Answers
  • Client Care, Ethics, Honestly, Integrity
  • Self Care, Safety, Personal Value
  • Final Review and Questions and Answers
  • Final Wrap Up


Included in this extensive, ground breaking course are:

  • 13 mp3 classes, each approximately 60 – 90 minutes in length – yours to own
  • 13 courses of actual training materials to apply for trainers who are working with humans – these documents can easily and are designed to be copied and used in your training sessions with clients; that you can use them exactly, lesson by lesson, with your training clients or with your own dogs that you live with and love.
  • 8 Weekly quizzes for you to test yourself and ensure that you are receiving and retaining the information
  • ‘Done for you’ Training Contract to use in your training business and with your clients
  • ‘Done for you’ Client Consultation Form which you can use in training consults, either for yourself or your clients
  • ‘Done for you’ Training Documents for each session
  • ‘Done for you’ Equipment Review Form
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Course Outline and Agenda


I want to KNOW how to partner with any dog, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what, no matter where!

I am ready NOW!



This course is for you if you are:

  • A professional dog trainer who is interested in being of service to humans and animals in an entirely new, advanced and progressive way
  • An animal communicator who wants to provide a more advanced level of service to your clients, particularly as it relates to behavioral adaptations and
  • A groomer, pet sitter, veterinarian, rescue worker and/or dog walker who wants to improve the quality of the services you provide and also who wants o
  • Having behavioral and/or relationship challenges with any animal in YOUR life
  • An animal lover and dog parent or guardian who is choosing to experience total partnership with your canine (and even feline) companions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what, no matter where….

Learn how here:


I want to KNOW how to partner with any dog, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what, no matter where!

I am ready NOW!


Here are some of the Incredible benefits YOU and The Animals Around YOU (including the humans you work with : ) will receive:

  • Training notes from each session: These are the actual training notes which YOU will be able to provide to YOUR clients, use in YOUR training business and use when training and working with YOUR animal companions
  • Weekly accountability self quizzes to BOOST YOUR Confidence and Aptitude
  • A real, in depth understanding about What Our Animals Know and are Here to Teach Us and why treating ourselves as their students is the real, underlying answer to solving all behavioral issues
  • Why the Old Paradigm of Dog Training is becoming Obsolete and How YOU can keep up with the changing times to continually experience real and lasting success with YOUR dog as well as with your clients and their dogs
  • A Spiritually evolved explanation about dogs, cats and The NEW Reality ~ How the Shift of Consciousness is seen and explained through their understanding and perspective
  • Why EVERYTHING YOU have ever been taught or told about Dog Training is a HUGE lie!
  • The Truth regarding the Spiritual Laws of Dog Training as they relate to The Spiritual and Physical Laws of The Universe

Here are other areas and concepts you will receive to EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS:

  • What is My Dog Thinking?
  • Moving beyond the Old Paradigm and into the FUTURE and Cutting Edge
  • understanding of the animal’s perspective from an Evolved and Enlightened Viewpoint: Direct from Them to Us
  • How to understand and apply the use of Energy; Why it is SO important in animal training and How YOU can master it
  • Sound, Light & Frequency and How That Relates to and Affects Our Animals
  • A deeper level of bonding; this is NOT about control or dominance! Moving into the world of REAL Partnership
  • Experiencing peace & harmony with All Pets and Their People, no matter what, no matter when, no matter where…


PLUS: When YOU take this leap forward for the betterment of ALL animals, especially the dogs you live with, work with, train and love, YOU will also receive these special gifts from Lori when YOU register today:


Wolf Wisdom: Life Lessons on Healing, Power, Potential and Leadership that Every Spiritually Minded Animal Lover Needs to Know, as Taught by the Wolves

90 Minute Tele-Class mp3, Valued at $50

If you have a canine or feline animal companion and/or work as a professional with animals in anyway, this 90 minute mp3 audio class is a must have. During this class, you’ll learn about the fundamental laws in pack and pride societies which are required for them to have happy, healthy, productive, anxiety free lives. This is the information that most animal trainers don’t know but should. Beyond that, these are life lessons for humans to understand which will also allow you to live a more balanced, harmonious and peaceful life.

7 Simple and Effective Ways to Immediately Protect

Your Pet and  Yourself from Radiation Exposure

Mini eBook, Valued at $33

This mini ebook provides the information you and your animal companion need to stay free of harmful environmental toxins, particularly as they are more intense than every after the Hiroshima Nuclear Power Plant disaster.  This is a culmination of years of research, time and energy so that you don’t have to do the leg work.



11 Ways to Have a More Magnificent Relationship

with Your Animal Companion

90 minute Tele-Class mp3, Valued at $50

 The possibilities for deeper relationships with our animal companions are limitless when we begin to learn to tap into the alternative healing modalities and combine them with interspecies communication.  This 90 minute mp3 class takes you into new avenues of interspecies relationship and also allows you to explore additional modalities for healing, learning and personal growth and evolution with your animal companion family members.

 That’s $133 in EXTRA Special BONUS Gifts YOU will also receive FREE from Lori when YOU register today!

YES!!! I want to KNOW how to partner with any dog, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what, no matter where!

I am ready NOW!

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