School of Ascension, Enlightenment and Transformation

Aligning With and Living In The 5th Dimensional Reality

The evolutionary process known as Ascension is a real and valid, scientifically explained phenomena which is happening planet wide for all of humanity.   Indeed, it is also happening throughout our entire galaxy and universe.

Ascension, which includes a conscious and deliberate choice on the part of each individual to engage and participate in humanity’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution, is well underway on earth.

Ascension is also often referred to as The Shift of Consciousness.

Worldwide, humans and animals are encountering deep and profound transformations and internal shifting which is in turn triggering monumental change and transformation in all areas of of our human experience, including geographical, political, social, religious, financial, spiritual, planetary and galactic.

As this shift continues to unfold, people need support, guidance, assistance and clarity regarding these dramatic changes they and their animals are experiencing.

This is part of Lori’s role and service as an Ascension Guide and Way-shower for humans and animals.

The School of Ascension, Enlightenment and Transformation is dedicated to helping humans and animals adapt, evolve and transform as we all align with a new reality known as the 5th Dimension.

The 5th Dimensional Reality involves integrating with and anchoring in a higher, lighter frequency of vibrational energy into the physical body, including the our brains, so as to expand our minds into greater wisdom and also including our hearts, so as to expand our compassion, care, love and joy for ourselves and one another.

Ascension also involves a merging of the lower expression of ourselves, known as our 3rd Dimensional States of Being.  This includes healing and resolving all aspects of ourselves which have been stuck or blocked in experiences related to pain and suffering.

Ascension is not about leaving our bodies, or about the end of the world, or some convoluted esoteric beliefs about somehow flying up to heaven.  It is also not about being rescued or saved by Extra Terrestrial beings, even Starseeds.

It is an involutionary process for all beings, in that it is an internal evolution that happens from within us…as we evolve and transcend our individual egoic selves, we arrive at a new state of consciousness ~ a unity consciousness ~ in which all beings are truly aligned with a united intention for peace, harmony, love, happiness, fulfillment, joy, well being, abundance and prosperity for all, with harm to none…

As we each actively engage in this process, we transform our egoic identity on every level: emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, energetically and aurically (light).  Ultimately, we come to know and experience ourselves and all others in an entirely new way…we anchor ourselves into this new reality ~ The 5th Dimensional Reality…

The courses of study contained herein, including the practices, tools and methods that are covered within the School of Ascension, Enlightenment & Transformation are designed to help you learn how to align with this new reality, this new state of being, this new state of existence.

You will also come to know and experience yourself as a developing Lightworker, Way-shower, Intuitive, Energy Worker, Healer, Empath who is HIGHLY functioning and can also use these tools, methods and practices to help others (human and animal) and facilitate in their awakening journey too.

The information, tools, techniques and energy healing, plus the clearing activations included in each of the courses will help you to align and embody magnificent love, light and higher truths so that all fear of lesser experiences is completely transformed into love, in the highest and best and most benevolent, loving, graceful ways imaginable.

When you apply this content, you will be truly empowered and forever transformed by it.  Your consciousness and your frequency will be dramatically elevated, and of course, your animals and loved ones will hugely benefit and thank you for it too..

…In fact, the entire planet and all The Universe will benefit through this work…indeed, this is the work of Lightworkers.

For more information about how YOU can engage with, anchor in and align with The 5th Dimension via your own Ascension, please click here:

School of Ascension, Enlightenment & Transformation
Aligning With and Living In The 5th Dimensional Reality


Lori Spagna