Private Empowerment Coaching

Application for Private Sessions with Lori

At this time, my private session work is provided exclusively for Spiritually Minded Animal Lovers, fellow Awakening Lightworkers, Healers, Way Showers, Change Agents, Starseeds, Servers of Ascension, and Progressively Minded Beings who are serious in their willingness to accelerate their path of awakening, healing and transformation, ie, those who are actively engaged as a Spiritual Seeker.

If you have been on your journey and are ready to accelerate your spiritual growth and progress, and also continue your experience of conscious transformation and truly empowered living as you leap forward on your soul path, please fill out the form below.

All responses will be considered, however, we ask that you only complete this form if you are serious about seeking support from Lori ~ there is a fair energy exchange associated with these sessions.

If I am able to truly support you on your journey, someone from my office support team will contact you by email within the next week to ten days to schedule your session.

Please note: Private Sessions with Lori are now booking out approximately two weeks to one month in advance. Emergency sessions are sometimes available upon request and for an additional fee.


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Lori Spagna