Manifestation Made Easy


Manifestation Made Easy

Create the Life of Your Dreams Using the Power of Conscious Intention and Deliberate Creation


The process of conscious, deliberate creative manifestation as a tool to create the life YOU Desire and Deserve is real and it works.

Please don’t consider me too bold or too outspoken (I think I may have been Norma Rae in a past life ;) ) but if you still don’t know what manifestation is, how and why it works, you may as well be a zombie robot or passenger in a car, being driven by another blindfolded zombie robot…

In other words, are you the driver of your life or is your life being driven for you?

I know this is a radical way of putting things, but honestly, it is time for people to seize our true power and start living the life we were all meant to live, as our most beautiful, vibrant, authentic selves…

  • If your life is not exactly where you know it can be…
  • If you want something more than the ho-hum existence you have been living…
  • If you are tired of struggling just to get by…
  • If you are wondering why all your hard work and enslavement to the system never really got you anywhere but where you are now…
  • If somewhere deep inside you, you know that there has to be more to life than this…

It is time for you to harness the power of deliberate, conscious manifestation, and start living the life of your dreams, and the life you were meant to be living…the life you were born to live…

  • You can have the career you desire
  • You can have the lifestyle you desire
  • You can have the friends and loved ones around you who bring you joy and uplift you
  • You can have the peace and harmony you have been silently craving
  • You can feel safe and loved no matter where you are, what you do or who you are with
  • You can feel stronger, healthier and have more energy than you have ever experienced in your entire life
  • You can live prosperously and abundantly
  • You can live YOUR BEST LIFE EVER!

And…It can happen faster, easier and more gracefully than you ever imagined…


In this powerful course, you’ll discover…

  • What manifestation is and how to use it to accomplish your dreams, goals, and desires
  • The factual, scientific evidence for all of the information about manifestation as well as the spiritual and metaphysical laws which support it
  • A simple, easy to follow process to experience more health, happiness, joy, wealth, abundance, prosperity, peace, harmony, and love in your life.
  • How to identify and create real, tangible evidence that miracles can and DO EXIST
  • How to remove every obstacle that has ever stood in the way of you being your beautiful, Divine Self
  • Why you will never have to fear, worry, doubt, or have anxiety ever again!
  • How to experience everyday miracles in your life
  • How to move through all the activities of your life with more ease, grace, efficiency and joy than ever before!

And SO Much More!

This course will positively transform your life when you apply the teachings in it.

YES!!!! It is possible!

In fact, it is not only possible, it is ABSOLUTE!!! and it is written into The Universal Laws which govern us all…become part of our manifestation circle and begin to experience it for yourself…and then you will also come to know, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that manifestation is real, and it works!!!

How much is feeling empowered worth to YOU, knowing that YOU can manifest whatever you truly desire?




Before you answer, consider these additional items which are also included in this powerful home study course:

 LIVE Manifestation & Healing Circle Class with DNA Activations

During this BRAND NEW two and a half hour tele-class, the entire class participates in what healing is most important for global healing and also for each individual uniquely.  There is LIVE energy healing and also dormant DNA Activations during the call.  Plus, LIVE coaching for all participants on the areas in life which matter most: money and abundance, love, grief and loss, physical and emotional health, career and of course, happiness and joy.


Living in the Overflow

Designed for anyone who is ready to step out of lack, limitation, and playing small, and step into living their best lives ever by allowing themselves to begin living in the overflow of the best that life has to offer. This 60 minute mp3 class provides simple, easy, concrete tools that you can begin utilizing right away which will allow you to feel great and change your reality right away. Start living in the Overflow today!

So Now how much might you be willing to invest?



Well investing that much would be fair when you realize that once you learn the tools of Manifestation you can actually (very easily!) manifest that and so much more within no time at all…and for the powerful information that you’ll be learning in this course, it would be well worth it!

However, I’m offering it to you at a much lower investment, to insure you are easily able to say yes and be open to this information.


This Home Study Course includes 2 downloadable audio mp3s as well as the downloadable copy of the Manifestation Made Easy eBook and the eJournal For Success, plus the LIVE Manifestation & Healing Circle class with DNA Activations mp3 and the Living in the Overflow class mp3…

…and all of it will be instantly downloaded directly into your inbox so YOU can begin learning and benefiting from this powerful and life changing information right away!


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