Ascension, Manifestation and Healing Circles

Ascension, Manifestation & Healing Circle
with LIVE Energy Healing & DNA Activations


2018 Predictions Call ~ Get Ascension Updates and 2018 Predictions
Via Tele-Class & Webinar
Next Live Event: Thursday, January 25th, 2018

4pm PT/5pm MT/6pm CT/7pm ET/11pm GMT


These Ascension, manifestation and transformational energy healing circles are designed in three parts:

  • First, we discuss and review the latest updates regarding The Ascension Timeline and The Indigo Races, including Lightservers, Wayshowers, Starseeds, Change Agents, Wanderers and all other Servers of The Light.
  • Second, we review your questions and requests for coaching, healing and intuitive support in a safe and enjoyable, ‘no holds barred’, ‘everything on the table’ environment.
  • Third, we have a full hour of powerful and potent meditation and transformational healing energy, based on your requests.  We heal and resolve the issues associated with our bodies, our lives, our relationships, our anscestry, our lineage and indeed, the world.  We complete the call with the DNA Activations to up-level your dormant potential.

We always incorporate the process of Manifestation to actualize the lives of our dreams.

We also utilize the process of Manifestation to co-create the new 5D (Fifth Dimensional) reality for all beings to be liberated and to live in peace, happiness, health, well being, prosperity, abundance and love, ie, heaven on earth, for the entire collective by aligning with the Law of Love, ie, The Law of One.

No topic area, request, concern or issue is too ‘far out’ there or off limits for us in these Ascension, Manifestation & Healing Circles for Lightworkers, Way showers, Starseeds, Indigos, Guardians, Change Agents, Wanderers, Time Travelers, Healers, Intuitives,  Empaths, Animal Communicators, Astrologers, Numerologists & Bringers of the New Earth.

Every circle is entirely new and unique.
Healing is based on YOUR requests and also as Divine Source Guides.

All live events are recorded and are available for repeat listening.

Please join us!

The LIVE tele-class information will be emailed directly to you the week before the live event.  You do not have to be present on the live call to receive the benefits. As always, the live energy will be equally effective in delayed playback.  The call will be recorded for delayed listening and will be also emailed directly to all participants.

*Special discounted offer rates cannot be combined with any other special offers, discounts or coupons. Advanced discounted tuition rates on classes are non refundable. Class tuition is transferable to other classes and workshops for a small transfer fee.  For additional information on our refund policy, please click here.

Lori Spagna